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 The Fishing Club
“Casting in the Curriculum”

By: Douglas Detherow

We here at Oklahomabassfishing.com will be following the first ever “Fishing Club” to be affiliated with any educational system in our area. The club membership consists of Arkansas City, Kansas high school students and a few staff members that will guide them through their year of activities. The club will be learning the basics about our wonderful sport of fishing during the weekends, and after school from a couple of well informed educators and local anglers willing to donate their time.

The 2003-2004 year is freshly underway and there have been more than 70 students sign up thus far. The group is working mostly off of donations from local businesses and of course from all of the generous anglers from Oklahoma that were thoughtful enough to lend a hand.

Mr. Carl Woods, the tournament director for Jimmy Houston Tournament Trails has invited the group of students to come and see how the tournaments are run. We will schedule a day this spring for the club to come work the scales, release the fish, and of course meet and learn from some of the best fishermen and fisherwomen around. Who knows?? Maybe we can get Jimmy himself to come and meet the young anglers.

Here is an outline covering the basic make-up and plans for the organization this year.


1. OK Fishing Instructor Cert.
2. Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs

1. Conduct fishing clinic at all the elementary schools in Ark City
2. Fishing classes at meetings
    a. Tie Jigs
    b. Pour Lead sinkers
    c. Casting
    d. Fish ID
    e. Ethics
    f. Cleaning fish
    g. Jug fishing/Trot lining
3. Fish fry (club) Teacher/Support personnel
4. Fishing trip to 6th Street pond A.C.
5. Annual Fishing trip to Oologah Lake
    a. Overnight
    b. Guides by local coaches & teacher at Claremore H.S.
6. Museum @ Pratt
7. Kingman Reservoir- Toured with Park Ranger and fished
8. Host fishing derby-Sponsored by the recreation center and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cowley County. Open for Children from ages 8 to 14.

1. Cook fish for FFA Banquet
2. Grant from Wal-Mart
3. Run concession stand at Football & Basketball Games





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