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New Product Report
Sliding Weight, Hooks and Baits

While at the Tackle shows, I ran across a new product that really intrigued me. This product is a new way to rig a crawdad or a worm that gives the bait a life-like realism. It consists of a weight on the hook shank that slides down the shank as the weight or tail of the crawdad drags on the bottom. Then the tail or weight releases and the tail straightens out shooting out a little stream of silt making the crawdad react just like a real crawdad does. Telling you in words does not do justice to this new rigging system, you actually have to see this system in action to believe it. Sliding Weight, Hooks and Baits has an animation of the crawdad in action on their Home page, you can view this animation by clicking here<.

After playing with this rigging system in shallow water, I was able to get an idea of what it looks like while fishing it. The tail would drag on the bottom and then release shooting out a little spurt of silt and the tail would shoot out straight again just like what that a real crawdad does. The Sliding Weight, Hooks and Baits crawdads are specially designed to work with the sliding hook system. The weight has 2 little clips that you clip the tail of the crawdad into to give the crawdad the life-like realism. You will notice the hook guard that comes out of the tail section and goes over the back of the crawdad making this lure practically impossible to hang up. The crawdads are life-like and come in several different color schemes.

Several of the staff will be using this lure and rigging system in the coming months and we will be doing a Product Test Report on this rigging system. Be sure and watch for the Product Test Report.

These Sliding Weight, Hooks and Baits products can be found at Backlash Tackle<.

Click here to go to Sliding Weight, Hooks and Baits Web Site<