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Oklahoma Fishing Regulation Changes

At its regular monthly meeting, held Feb. 4 in Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission adopted several fishing regulation changes for 2002. These include:
  • Changing the daily limit for largemouth bass at Konawa Lake to six fish per day, with only one 22 inches or longer. Body condition of bass in the lake has been poor and the numbers of trophy bass have decreased. The change is designed to encourage anglers to harvest bass, allowing those that remain to grow larger.
  • Prohibited trotlines, throwlines, limblines, juglines, yo-yo's and bowfishing in the Salt Fork of the Arkansas River from the spillway of Great Salt Plains Reservoir downstream to the Hwy. 38 bridge.
  • Establishing a protective nine- to 12-inch slot limit on smallmouth bass in Baron Fork Creek, Flint Creek, the upper Illinois River, Lee Creek and Little Lee Creek. The daily combined bass limit is six, only one of which can be a smallmouth 12 inches or longer.
  • Establishing a 12-inch minimum size limit on smallmouth bass on the Glover River, from where it joins Little River upstream to the forks of the Glover River. The daily combined bass limit in this portion of the Glover is six fish, only three of which can be smallmouth.
  • Adjusted the Skiatook white bass and striped bass hybrid limits to allow unlimited harvest of white bass, with the striped bass hybrid limit being set at five hybrids per day, only two of which can be 20 inches or longer.
  • Adding Zoo Lake in Oklahoma City to the list of "Close to Home" fishing areas.
  • Opening the Arkansas River below Zink Dam to year-round fishing.

(excerpt from the weekly ODWC email )