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Red River Tackle Company introduces
the F5 Pro Titanium™ spinnerbait

After more than a year of field testing and research Red River Tackle is proud to introduce the F5 Pro Titanium™ spinnerbait.

Many innovative features are packed into this new bait. First and foremost Red River added a new wire composed of a unique combination of technologically advanced compounds including; titanium, vanadium, zirconium and chromium. The new Pro Titanium™ wire is unique in that it offers the adjustability of stainless steel along with the durability of titanium.

Since the wire is adjustable the wire can be bent down to make the bait more snagless in heavy cover or opened up to offer better hooking percentages. Also if the bait doesn’t run straight because it was hit against a dock or a fish breaks off part of the skirt you can adjust the wire and make the bait run true again. This adjustability is not available with other titanium wires.

Adjustability is why many fishermen still prefer a stainless steel spinnerbait even though they are giving up durability. Now fishermen don’t have to compromise durability to get a bait that is adjustable. The new Pro Titanium™ wire will last 2-3 times longer than a traditional stainless steel bait while still offering the added feature of being adjustable. The F5 Pro Titanium spinnerbait is truly the best of both worlds.

Another bonus of the new wire is increased vibration. According to the wire manufacturer, Red River’s Pro Titanium wire offers more vibration than standard stainless steel and other titanium wires.

Along with a technologically advanced wire, the new spinnerbaits are enhanced with 3D molded red eyes and a red plated Mustad® Ultra-Point® hook. These two features take advantage of the well-known fact that red on a lure can often generate reaction strikes.

Additionally F5 Pro Titanium™ spinnerbaits feature re-formulated chip resistant paint, Sil-A-Chrome® accented skirts and premium 24K gold and nickel-plated blades.

Just like it’s predecessor the F5 Pro Titanium has been tournament tested and proven. The finished product is a "true" running, high quality bait that all serious fishermen demand.

For more information and to see color and blade options visit www.redrivertackle.com<.

"I’ve fished with the F5 Pro Titanium spinnerbait for a year now and I can honestly say that this is the best spinnerbait I’ve ever used.

I really like how easily I can adjust the bait and the increased vibration has definitely helped me catch more fish."

Tim Carrol

Bassmaster Classic® qualifier

"We took the true running head design of the original F5 spinnerbait and improved upon it by adding many impressive and innovative features.

What’s so exciting is that we were able to create a very technologically advanced spinnerbait while keeping the retail price low in comparison to other brands of titanium baits."

Shonn Goodwin

Red River Tackle owner





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