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A & M Baits - Dadz Craws

I usually don’t write reviews of my Sponsors products because many guys will think the only reason I’m writing is to “Kiss Butt” or “Suck Up” to them. Well, you guys who know me, know that’s not who I am, if it sucks that’s what I’ll tell you. The reason I’m writing this is because of the way these baits pulled us out of some tough times at The Lake of the Ozarks this fall. As many of you know, the “Lake” kind of died this fall and limits were hard to come by. We were struggling, like the boys in the B.A.S.S. tournament did there in November, until we gave up the typical fall “shad” pattern and started fishing the Dadz exclusively.

It wasn’t until we managed to catch a rare “keeper” on a Spinner-Bait and seen a huge crawfish sticking out of her throat that we put two and two together. The fish just weren’t going to go to the back of the creeks and coves to bust the schools of shad like they’re supposed to. They were sitting at the mouth of the coves and were gorging on crawfish. That’s when we started dragging Dadz in these spots and everything changed.
We were fishing the Mossback colored Dadz on a 3/8 oz. pegged Texas Rig and a 5/0 E.W.G Mustad hook. We were getting 10-15 bites a day and almost all of these fish were keepers. They were eating the bait so good that we had several fish swallow them so deep that they almost bled to death. We just kind of dragged them back to the boat in a Carolina-Rig fashion and they were pounding them.

The Dadz have a wide tail that prevents them from settling into the chunk rock and allows you to pull them through rock you normally wouldn’t be able to Texas rig at all. These are good sized baits so you won’t be getting a lot of those annoying dink bites you seem to get so many of in the Fall and Spring. I think this is one of the reasons we caught as many keepers as we did this Fall. Dadz are a very realistic looking bait and the colors Mossback (my favorite) and Bronzeback (also killer) perfectly match the colors of the crawfish in Missouri. Their claws are just the right size to prevent the fish from picking them off as so often happens with other crawfish imitators. They also come in colors such as Black/Blue, Red Shad, Neon Melon, Okie Dadz and Watermelon Seed for you guys that just have to have your favorite colors. Oh, and Dadz are 100% American made, salted for taste and marinated for smell.

We just picked up A&M Baits as a sponsor during the early Fall so I haven’t had a chance to Carolina Rig them yet but I anticipate they will be awesome at the “Lake” this Spring.

You can get Dadz Craws From the Link on Our Sponsor Page or by going to or by calling Annette at (918)-689-9221.

They put some good checks in our pockets this Fall and I believe they will help your fishing as well.

See Ya,