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New Fishing Products
May 2001

The Big Easy Spinnerbait from Cyclone Baits

Maybe the most versatile bait ever made is the spinnerbait.  There are endless combinations of blades, skirts and heads to choose from.  One new product for spring 2001 is the Big Easy Spinnerbait from Cyclone Baits.  Cyclone has been making spinnerbaits out of Many, LA for years.  I have been fortunate to have field-testing the Big Easy for about a year.  I have been able to catch countless five and six pound bass on it.  On several occassions it caught a two to one ratio of bass over several of the top brands of baits.  Even when fished with like colors and blade combinations it seemed to out perform the others.  With its 0.032 size wire, it puts out a call to big fish that they just cannot resist. The new Big Easy has the same light wire that has made Cyclone spinnerbaits a must for local tournament anglers in Louisiana. Itís ultra light wire makes for bigger rotation of the blades, which causes more vibration. This added vibration might be the one thing that sets your bait apart from the thousands of spinnerbaits that a fish will see in its lifetime.

The Big Easy also comes with a super sharp hook.  Cyclone Baits had Mustad design their hook exclusively for the Big Easy.  One look and you can see the difference.  It is equipped with a Mustad Mega Bite Wide Gap Hook.  The shank of the hook has been extended to eliminate the need for a trailer hook. At first glance, the big hook looks like it will hang up on everything.  But after fishing it in all kinds of cover, I have discovered that the bait doesnít hang up any more than the others.  It does however catch more fish.   

The head of the Big Easy is double painted with chip resistant paint.  The lifelike eyes are an added bonus.  They come in ľ, 3/8 and Ĺ ounce models.  The Big Easy comes with gold plated blades so they will continue to produce maximum flash trip after trip. You can get them with Willow Leaf, Wide Track, Colorado and Indiana blades.  Cyclone Baits has a great selection of colors to choose from.

To sum it all up for you, I fished the bait and have become its biggest fan.  The guys that I fish with have seen the bait work its magic and they now own several of them.  Next time you are in the market for a new spinnerbait, donít overlook the Big Easy by Cyclone Baits.  It will improve your fishing.

To find out more about Cyclone Baits line of spinnerbaits and jigs, just log on to their web site at<.  They can give you a hand finding a tackle store that carries the Big Easy near you.

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Chris Roberts