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Mad Man Mooneyham Lures™

Mad Man Mooneyham Lures has introduced the Crawfish Tube lure pictured on the right. This lure comes in 3 sizes, 3", 4" and 5" and 16 different colors. The Crawfish Tube is a Tube Lure and is not solid. One of the things that I have heard is putting rattles and scent in the tube part with a cotton ball to keep the rattle and scent inside the lure.

The catalog from Mad Man is one of the nicest catalogs that I have seen to date. It comes with a page that tells how that one of the Staff, Jeff Kriet, rigs the different size Crawfish Tubes in different situations.

This lure is one of the hottest lures on the market right now. Most of the Tackle Shops are selling out within days of receiving an order from Mad Man Mooneyham Lures.