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Please Help Secure the future of our sport
by helping these kids!!!


Dear Fellow Fisherpeople,

Mr. Jack Gilbreath a long time coach and educator now residing in Newkirk, Oklahoma has made a major breakthrough within his school system.  He has actually managed to start a fishing club that is available to the students through the school.

Right now, it is just the available to the 9th-12th graders but he is hoping to expand in the future.  Fishing hasn't historically been that popular in that region of the state, but Jack, formerly residing in the Northeastern Oklahoma region, and a longtime fisherman has been preaching the gospel to these kids and his program has taken off like wildfire!!!

There have been so many kids wanting to get involved in the program that they have gone over budget and are lacking essential supplies such as fishing line, sinkers, hooks, bobbers, jigs...ect. Even fishermen in the area willing to give a little of their time to help direct the young students would be a tremendous donation. Wal-Mart is taking care of the rods and reels, and they have received a grant from the "Keep Kids Hooked on Fishing and not on Drugs" organization. But aren't able to keep up with the demand.

There aren't any tackle shops readily available to the kids even close to Newkirk that could help supply these things and I am standing here asking for any help that anyone could provide.  Even your old half used spools of line would be better than they have now. 

I believe this to be a tremendous breakthrough for the Future of our sport (making fishing available to our children in the educational realm!!) and should be completely supported by all who take the time to read this.  Who knows this could be the first step in getting this program going in all schools statewide!!  I know i sure would of been signed up and so would of all of you.

Don't let this opportunity slip through our fingers!!

If you would be willing to donate anything at all, feel free to contact Greg the editor of oklahomabassfishing.com.


Jack Gilbreath
Arkansas City High School
1200 West Radio Lane
Arkansas City, KS 67005