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Wildlife-related bills heard by state legislators

This time of year most sportsmen are more concerned about what is happening at the local turkey roost or their favorite fishing hole than what is going on in the halls of the state capitol. However, the Legislature often addresses fish and wildlife during the annual legislative session.

Throughout Oklahomaís history the state Legislature has worked in a spirit of cooperation with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, which receives no state tax appropriations, to conserve the stateís rich natural resources and provide ample opportunities for hunters and anglers. Since the Legislature regularly deals with issues affecting sportsmen, every hunter, angler and wildlife enthusiast should remain aware of what bills are moving through the legislative branch.

While several different wildlife-related bills have already been introduced during the 2004 legislative session, each of the bills is still in the early stages of development. Before becoming law, bills must be
approved by several different committees, pass through both the House of Representatives and the Senate and be signed by the Governor.

Sportsmen interested in tracking the 2004 wildlife-related bills currently being considered by the Oklahoma Legislature can do so with just a few clicks of the mouse. At the Wildlife Department's Web site (wildlifedepartment.com) individuals can track a bill from the time it is introduced until the time it hits the Governorís desk.

The status of individual measures often changes frequently throughout the course of the session, but the site is updated daily as changes occur. In addition, links are provided to the Legislature and to previous
legislative sessions. To find the legislative tracker, go under "Weekly Wildlife News" on the Department's index, or first page. From there, click on "Legislative Tracker." The exact URL is





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