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Tim Fey
Orlando, Florida

My Fishing Photos

6 Pound Bass on the Fishing Snake

11 Pound Bass on the Fishing Snake

11.4 Pound Bass on the Fishing Snake

10 Pound Bass on the Fishing Snake

Fishing Information

I have been fishing many years but NEVER have caught so many HUGE bass on a regular basis until i got my hands on the "Original Fishing Snake" by Doug Hannon ESPNs Bass Professor. Doug has a HUGE winner here with his new Big Bass System, AWESOME lure with OUTSTANDING results, whoever doesn't have this is really missing out on this deal. NO DINKS HERE BABY

Fishing Favorites

Favorite Lake Lake Toho
Favorite Lure Original Fishing Snake
Favorite Fishing Technique Twitch and pause
Favorite Structure Stumps or Logs
Favorite Cover Cypress Stumps
Favorite Time of Year Spring
Favorite Fishing pole brand Aries
Favorite Fishing reel brand Okuma
Favorite Fishing line brand Berkley
Favorite Hook brand VMC
Favorite Fishing attractant none
Fishing boat Triton
Boat engine Mercury 225
Trolling Motor Motor Guide
GPS unit  
Favorite Tournament Circuit  
Favorite Fishing Club  
Fishing partner Doug Hannon
Favorite Fishing TV show  
Favorite Fishing Book  
Favorite Fishing Video Tape  
Favorite Fishing Magazine BassMaster
Favorite Web Site