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Oklahoma State B.A.S.S. Federatilon
Affiliate National B.A.S.S. Federation

 Monday, June 14, 2004




On May 10th, Jason Loyd, CEO of Outdoor Matters, Inc, announced that an agreement with the Oklahoma BASS Federation had been reached to provide their line of “Ultimate Marine SunGear” to the 2004 OBF State team.  Mr. Loyd states that “Lure Eyes is premium eye ware specifically designed for all types of angling, I am extremely proud to become a sponsor of the Oklahoma BASS Federation program and the 2004 state team”.  Jason further states that “this is our first promotional effort within the federation ranks and we look forward to developing a long term relationship with Oklahoma as well as other state federations”.  All Lure Eyes SunGear are comprised of 100% titanium frames with a lifetime warranty. Lure-Eyes lenses provide 100% UV protection and are made with 100% polarized polycarbonate, shatter proof, optically correct lenses which is also treated with a permanent coating to repel water and eliminate “water spotting”.

Due to the short time frame from the agreement to the Central Divisional Tournament, the glasses were given to the anglers in Louisiana.  Here are some the comments by the anglers, “these are the lightest glasses that I have ever worn!”, “the polarization is far superior to any other sunglasses that I have ever purchased”,  “by far, these are the lightest and most comfortable glasses that have ever graced my big head”.  There are numerous other positive comments made in favor of the new state sponsor as well.

Gary Gunter, President of the OBF, was very pleased at the timing of this agreement and stated, “This is a testimony to the quality of our program to be able to solicit sponsors of this caliber”. Gary continues, “The Oklahoma State Team is proud to wear such high quality sunglasses and looks forward to expanding this program within our organization”. 

The Oklahoma BASS Federation would like to thank Dr. Bill Stuever, an Oklahoma federation angler with the Ponca City Bassmasters for helping to bring both parties together.  Dr. Stuever, with Family Vision Care in Ponca City, OK, is an authorized Dealer for Lure Eyes SunGear products.

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