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Ken Dixon
Harrah, Oklahoma

My Fishing Photos

My favorite! It is my Grandpa and to his right, My Grandma with a nice stringer of fish.

Garry Brum and I caught these 5 at Broken Bow, and finished 3rd at OBAA's Broken Bow tourney the spring of 2002 - 13.15 pounds.

My biggest black caught at a tournament since I started in 2001 - 4.5 lbs. Unfortunately it was during pre-fish at Pine Creek, 2001.

This is my largest small mouth ever. I caught it at Broken Bow at the OBAA 2002 Championship tournament - 3.5 pounds.

Fishing Information

Fishing Hugo Lake in 2001, my first bass tournament, was something to remember. During pre-fish on Friday, we had a hard time finding fish on the main lake. Oh, we found a few, but no patterns, and nothing solid to build on. We decided to head up the lake and try the river. We found several areas that we caught fish, and white and chartreuse spinnerbaits seemed to be the preferred bait. That evening we prepared our tackle for the next morning's event. Once everything was ready, we hit the sack, and got as much sleep as we could, (being keyed up and excited about my first tournament didn't help matters.) When the alarm went off the next morning, we were barely out of bed when we started hearing thunder. Upon getting to the lake, the tournament director delayed our take off due to the lightning in the area. After about an hour, he elected to allow any that were ready to go ahead and launch their boats and start fishing. Along with the light rain, was a wind blowing at about 20 mph. We elected to stay pretty close to the cove we launched from just in case the weather got worse. Well, the weather didn't get better, nor did it worsen, but the fish weren't cooperating either. As a last result, we decided to button up our rain suits, to try to stay dry as best we could, and headed up lake to the river. Well, if you have ever fished Hugo, you know that there are boat lanes cut through the trees at Hugo that you must stay in to be safe. The problem is the lanes don't follow the channel, and at least part of the time you have to run east and west to get to the river. Well, to try to make this story as short as possible, the weather shut down the bite up river, and the wend picked up even more while we were up there. Coming back, we had to stop every few hundred yards to try to find the next marker, as the water was coming over the sides so bad, we couldn't see. Every time we hit a wave, the wind would blow it right back in on us. By the time we made it to the ramp, we still had no fish to weigh, (we did catch a few, but all were too small), and even with the rain suits on, we were wet literally from head to toe. I did not have a dry stitch of clothing on me. At the time, we were cold, wet, and generally felt lousy, but looking back on it now, every time we talk about it, we can't help but laugh.

Fishing Favorites

Favorite Lake Broken Bow
Favorite Lure Spinnerbait
Favorite Fishing Technique Fast retrieve in shallows
Favorite Structure gravel bottoms
Favorite Cover brush
Favorite Time of Year Spring
Favorite Fishing pole brand Falcon
Favorite Fishing reel brand Quantum
Favorite Fishing line brand Trilene XL
Favorite Hook brand Owner
Favorite Fishing attractant Berkley
Fishing boat  
Boat engine  
Trolling Motor  
GPS unit  
Favorite Tournament Circuit  
Favorite Fishing Club OBAA
Fishing partner Garry Brum
Favorite Fishing TV show Larry Nixon
Favorite Fishing Book Bassing with the Best - Gary White
Favorite Fishing Video Tape Bill Dance - Fishing Structure
Favorite Fishing Magazine Go Fish
Favorite Web Site &