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Greg Myers
Tulsa, Oklahoma

My Fishing Photos

I caught this bass while fishing McGee Creek in Oklahoma when the “winter bite” was on. I was fishing with Chuck Justice and Dean Knight and we caught over 70 bass in 30’ of water. More than 15 of the bass went over 4˝ lbs and we caught a bunch of large Kentucky spotted bass that day.

This is a favorite type of fishing; I love to fish from a float tube. This type of fishing is very relaxing and very deadly because of the stealth factor. I can get back into water that the other fishermen can’t get their bass boats in and fish “virgin” water where the bass are not accustomed to seeing a lure.

This bass was taken on a Weedless Lures flutter spoon. This was the first day that I had ever used a spoon and was amazed as how easy it was to use and the results I got using it. Notice Dean in the background ignoring the fact that I had even caught a bass, LOL.

This is my bass, that is Dean’s bass, need I say more? LOL

Fishing Information

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Fishing Information

I started out fishing with my grandfather when I was in the 3rd grade. I had a choice each weekend, either to go golfing with my father or to go fishing with my grandfather. That was a big decision for a 9 year old, let’s see, watch dad hit a little white ball and then go find it only for him to hit it again and have to go looking for it again or go catch fish. Duh! Come to think about it, maybe that wasn’t that hard of a decision for a 9 year old to make.

I never fished from a boat until I was out of high school. I was a bank fisherman and still like to fish from the bank especially on ponds. One of my fishing boats is a 10’ Lil Bandit “plastic” boat. This boat is super stealthy and it only sits a few inches in the water so it can go a lot of places the big bass boats can’t. I also fish using a float tube. I think this is one of the deadliest ways to fish. There is no trolling motor noise; you don’t make any noise when you shuffle your feet in the boat or when your fishing partner drops a tackle box. You can’t cover a lot of water while fishing from a float tube, so you fish an area out thoroughly.

I started fishing for Trophy sized Largemouth after I met Chuck Justice. Chuck is definitely a Trophy sized bass fisherman. I have seen him set the hook so hard that the small bass came flying out of the water and across the bow of the boat. That changed the way that I set a hook as I was not setting the hook nowhere near as hard as that. I learned on that fishing trip that Trophy Size Bass had very tough mouths and you had to set the hook that hard as I lost a good sized fish that we never saw that spit the hook out.

One of the things that I have realized is that if you are going to catch Trophy Size Bass; you have to fish the lakes that the Trophy sized largemouth live in. I travel 2˝ hours one-way to get to McGee Creek and it is worth the travel time. I have a better chance of catching a Trophy at this lake than any lake around me except for one small city lake near Tulsa. One of the good things I like about this lake is that there is a 5 mph speed limit on this lake. This means that we don’t have the pesky jet skiers circling us all the time and there aren’t any big waves to jostle the boat around while fishing.

I have also changed the way that I fish; I am not pounding the bank with lures all the time now as I also fish offshore structure. I use a GPS to record structure and return to it using the GPS. By using the GPS to find the locations, I don’t have to idle around the area looking for the structure; I just pull up short of the structure and then anchor out without disturbing the fish on the structure. I anchor using 2 anchor ropes to keep the boat from swinging in the wind. I use a lot bigger lures now, the biggest being the 12” AC Plug. I camouflage my fishing line now so that it is not as noticeable to the fish. I relax more while fishing now as I refuse to get in the “run and gun” mode with whomever I am fishing with. I have become more aware of the surroundings and appreciate the birds, the beauty of the land and a single tug on the line by a fish.

I would like to take this space to thank Chuck Justice, Bill Murphy, Bob Crupi and all the others that have been patient with my multitude of questions and/or their willingness to share their vast knowledge of Trophy Size Bass Fishing. And of course, I want to thank Dean, my fishing partner, for not throwing me out of the boat for calling him on the cell phone while fishing to ask him to get a little closer to the bank, ROFL.

Remember, fishing is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Take a child fishing, there are no words to describe the look on their face and the joy that they have when they catch their first fish.

Fishing Favorites

Favorite Lake McGee Creek
Favorite Lure Storm Swimbait
Favorite Fishing Technique Pitching
Favorite Structure Points
Favorite Cover Standing Timber
Favorite Time of Year Winter
Favorite Fishing pole brand Falcon
Favorite Fishing reel brand Shimano
Favorite Fishing line brand P-Line and Power Pro
Favorite Hook brand Mustad
Favorite Fishing attractant Kick'n Bass
Fishing boat Triton
Boat engine Evinrude
Trolling Motor Minn Kota
Sonar Lowrance
GPS unit Garmin
Favorite Tournament Circuit N/A
Favorite Fishing Club N/A
Fishing partner Mike Goodson
Favorite Fishing TV show Hank Parker
Favorite Fishing Book In Pursuit of Giant Bass
Favorite Fishing Video Tape Bodacious Bass
Favorite Fishing Magazine Bassin'