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Nicolas Brent Carder
Commerce City, CO

My Fishing Photos

This bass was just over 5 lb. To this day it's the largest bass I've ever caught. Caught just northwest of Edmond, OK. August 2002

My biggest Largemouth I've caught in Colorado. She was 5 lbs. Caught in Westminster, CO October 2002

This 3 1/2 lb bass was one of my favorite fish I've caught. It put up a fight like no other fish I've ever caught. Caught in Westminster, CO

This 1lb. 7oz bass was my first bass ever caught in Colorado. Caught it by accident reeling in my line to make a cast at a fish I saw. Caught in Westminster, CO Sept. 2002

Fishing Information

I began fishing as a young boy with my grandad in south central Oklahoma. He taught me everything I know about fishing, however, it seems to me that most of the fishing we did was for things other than bass. I rarely remember specifically fishing for bass. As I got older I went bass fishing with some friends of mine several times and I absolutely loved it. I enjoyed chunkin' and reelin' much more than bobber fishing or catfishing. I moved to Colorado in 1997 and the fishing pretty much came to a stop, until September of 2002 when my brother Luke came up to visit. We went fishing in some local public fishing ponds trying to catch trout. We ended up catching a few bass while we were at it, and the fire was relit!!! You see up to that point I hadn't done much fishing up here because I was told there weren't any large mouth bass in Colorado, at least not too many. Now I fish on a regular basis at one of three local ponds around Denver and go down to Oklahoma every now and then to fish with my brother Luke. My 2 1/2 year old son is already very interested in fishing and will be a great fishing buddy in a few years.

Fishing Favorites

Favorite Lake Watonga
Favorite Lure Storm Sub Wart
Favorite Fishing Technique Stop and go crankbait retrieve
Favorite Structure Where ever the fish are holding
Favorite Cover Timber
Favorite Time of Year Fall
Favorite Fishing pole brand Abu Garcia
Favorite Fishing reel brand Diawa
Favorite Fishing line brand Power Pro
Favorite Hook brand Mustad
Favorite Fishing attractant Kickin' Bass
Fishing boat  
Boat engine  
Trolling Motor  
GPS unit  
Favorite Tournament Circuit  
Favorite Fishing Club OBAA
Favorite Fishing partner Luke Carder, my younger brother
Favorite Bass Angler My grandad, Kermit York
Favorite Fishing TV show Any fishing show on OLN
Favorite Fishing Book  
Favorite Fishing Video Tape Bigmouth Forever
Favorite Fishing Magazine Bassmasters