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Blake Ellison
Inola, Oklahoma

My Fishing Photos

This is my biggest bass to date. A 7 pound 10 ounce bass I caught on Hudson. These two fish were enough to win me Big Bass and 1st place.

These are 3 of our 5 fish limit that weighed 14.74 pounds in the Tulsa Metro event on Hudson. I caught all 5 of these fish on Red River spinnerbaits. Doug sure can swing a net!!!

This big bass and many more just like it make McGee Creek number one in my book.


Fishing Information

My name is Blake Ellison and I am a 21 year old bass-aholic, so my family, friends, and girlfriend say. I donít let it bother me though as I am accustomed to spending three to four days a week on the water preparing for tournaments, fishing jackpots, and of course fishing tournaments. Iím from Inola, OK and live approximately twenty minutes form Ft. Gibson and Hudson lakes, which I consider my home waters. I got started fishing at around the age of 13 when my parents built a house on some land in the country. Like most bass fisherman I learned to fish the creeks and ponds around my house. Iíve been tournament fishing for four years now and have managed to slide into the top twenty every year in at least one club.

Tournament trails fished include: BFL, Skeeter, Cobra, Triton, Champion, Tulsa Metro, Hog Hunters, Tulsa Hookers, Whitehorn Circuit, Mid-America, Top 20 State Tournament, Inola Club, Tuesday night jackpots- Hudson, Friday night jackpots- Ft. Gibson, and an occasional Thursday night jackpot on Claremore Lake.

My hobbies are hunting, hanging with my girlfriend, and building brush piles. Iíve been working and going to college for the past three years with the plans of being a firefighter for the city of Tulsa. However, my true passion in life is fishing, and along with that comes the ambition of someday fishing the B.A.S.S. or F.L.W. professionally. For now the true challenge is to build a financial standing that allows me the opportunity to pursue my dream.

My strengths as a bass angler are fishing the shallows as I learned from pond fishing. My go to baits are the spinner bait and flipping about any kind of soft plastic. The springtime and fall are my favorite seasons because of the abundance of shallow bass. My largest bass measured 24 7/8 inches and was guessed at about 8 lbs. However, my largest officially weighed bass was 7lbs 10 oz. which was caught this spring in a tournament on Hudson. I consider myself a very opportunistic angler and look forward to the future of bass fishing and the new heights it will reach.

Fishing Favorites

Favorite Lake McGee Creek
Favorite Lure Spinnerbait
Favorite Fishing Technique Flipping a Spinnerbait
Favorite Structure Shoreline
Favorite Cover Willows
Favorite Time of Year Spring
Favorite Fishing pole brand Falcon
Favorite Fishing reel brand Shimano
Favorite Fishing line brand P-line
Favorite Hook brand Owner
Favorite Fishing attractant Bang
Fishing boat Skeeter
Boat engine Yammer Hammer
Trolling Motor Motor Guide
Sonar Lowrance
GPS unit  
Favorite Tournament Circuit Skeeter
Favorite Fishing Club Tulsa Metro
Fishing partner Doug Detherow
Favorite Fishing TV show Larry Nixon
Favorite Fishing Book Jimmy Houston
Favorite Fishing Video Woo Dave's Structure Fishing
Favorite Fishing Magazine Bassmasters
Favorite Web Site