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#1 Forage for Trophy Bass

While listening to Chuck Justice when he was giving a seminar at the Claremore Tackle show on February 9th, Chuck mentioned that the #1 forage for Trophy sized Largemouth Bass was the "Perch".

Chuck has talked to several taxidermist on what they found in the stomach of Trophy sized bass when they were mounting them and around 90% of the time, the taxidermist found "Perch" in the stomach.

This may explain why that green is such a good color for lures when fishing for Trophy sized bass. Chuck said that when using soft plastic baits that he uses the chartreuse Spike-It on the tail of the soft plastic bait. He stressed that you want to dip just a small portion of the tail with chartreuse. Do not dip over " of the tail, what you are trying to imitate is the small amount of chartreuse that the "Perch" shows when it is spooked and turns to flee.

One word of caution on using Spike-It is that it will ruin the carpet in your boat if you spill it. Chuck uses a Tupperware container to keep his Spike-It in and to use as a tray under the bait when he dips it. Using a Tupperware container that measures 12" x 8" x 3" would be large enough to prevent spills and drips.