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Bass Fishing in Oklahoma

September 2007 Newsletter

Finally the hot month of August is over with. Some parts of Oklahoma
got a lot of rain, other parts of Oklahoma barely got a sprinkle.
I know here at the house the road barely got wet one day but at the
small city lake I fished last week, there was trash floating all
over the water. There was a spot where the road going to the boat
ramp was washed away from all the mud that came down the side of
the mountain. It dug out a real deep and about 4' wide ravine that
all the water had come down washing all the mud and rocks into the
road going to the boat ramp.

Fishing this month was tough. The last 3 times that I have gone
fishing I have not caught a thing. I have not been fishing like I
normally do as Mike has been fishing with me the last 2 times I
went. As Mike can testify, I through large lures, big swimbaits,
big worms, 1 oz football jigs, 1 oz sinkers on Carolina rigs. I use
big trailers on my jigs and 9" mud dogs on my Carolina rigs. I have
been throwing smaller baits since that Mike has been with me as I
don't want to scare all the smaller size bass that scatter from the
area when a 10" Swimbait lands within 5' of them in the water.

Usually, I fish out on submerged humps, points and creek channels
that are out in the middle of the lake. I am not one to fish the
shoreline except in 2 different places on this small lake.

When I am fishing Dripping Springs, McGee Creek or Lake Fork, again,
I do not fish near the banks, I am away from the banks fishing
humps, creek channels, points that are away from the banks. When I
am night fishing, I will fish near the banks then as the big bass
will move up into the shallower water to feed on the small bass you
caught in this area during the daytime.

I have a photo of a 1 lb bass trying to eat another 1 lb bass in
the book, The quest of the World Record Bass by Bart Crabb. I am
sure that we all have caught bass on buzzbaits, spinnerbaits or
crankbaits that were almost as big as the bass we caught on them.
Bass will hit lures that are as big if not bigger than them. Usually
it is because they hit the lure out of reaction.

It is time for the bass to start chasing the shad. McGee Creek has
been the best lake I have ever seen for bass chasing shad. Usually,
when the sun is out and the wind is calm the bass will be chasing
the shad the best. Right now, the bass are chasing the shad in
water that is about 60' deep in the lake I am fishing. In the fall,
the bass will pin the shad against the bank and the shad may be in
shallow flat banks. Just watch for the bass breaking the water while
chasing the shad on the surface. This is one time of the year that
I carry a pair of good binoculars so that I can see if the bass are
chasing shad down the lake from where I am.

The best baits that I have found for surfacing bass is an unweighted
fluke with the hook exposed, a Zara Spook tied with a "loop" knot
and on monofiliament line. Fluorocarbon line sinks and will take
away from the action of any floating top water bait by sinking the
front end of the lure. I have also thrown a jigging spoon out past
the schooling bass in hopes of catching one of the bigger bass that
is under the schooling bass. The big bass are lazy and they will sit
under the school and eat the shad that float down that are stunned
or dead as they are easy pickings and they don't have to chase down
these shad to eat them.

Another lure that I have been playing with this last month was the
SlickFISH lure that is completely weedless. I have thrown this lure
into some really thick brush and I have yet to lose one of these
lures. I am working a deal with SlickFISH so that anyone that orders
the lure with a promo code I will be able to furnish will get the
SlickFISH lures at a discount. I hopefully should have this ironed
out with SlickFISH by the middle of September. Once I get this deal
finalized, I will post it on the front page of the OBF site, post it
in the forums and I will send out a special newsletter so that you
can take advantage of this special price on the SlickFISH lure.

I also ran a Product Test Report on Papa's Buzzbaits. I was very
pleased with the unique design of this buzzbaits. I will always use
this buzzbait now as it doesn't get hung up on weeds and moves
through grass without getting vegetation on the front of the
buzzbait when it is reeled back in.

Be sure and read the Product Test Report on the SlickFISH lure and
Papa's Buzzbait.

Be sure and check the web site from time to
time as I will be adding new articles at various times of the month.

I wish you many bites and tight lines for this month,





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