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Bass Fishing in Oklahoma

October 2007 Newsletter

Here it is already the 1st of October. The year sure has passed
by quickly this year. I have noticed that some of the leaves has
started to change colors and it is time for fall turnover in our

We are keeping a weather log now on the Message Board so that we
can look back at the weather and compare how fishing was on days
with weather like that and what lures worked.

Nicolas Carder and Chip Porsche are both on the front page with
nice bass they caught. I was at the lake when Chip caught his 10

The lake where I am fishing has already got the surfacing bass
chasing the shad in several areas of the lake. I was able to
catch all the surfacing bass that I wanted to yesterday.

Then I went back to fishing my regular spots to see if I could
catch a bass with some weight to it. Yesterday, I threw a shaky
head, Storm 6" swim bait, wacky worm, creature bait, small
finesse tube bait and a 4.5" tube. I caught several bass yesterday
and had a really good time.

I anchored out in 40' of water and fished a school of fish I found.
When I pulled my anchor up, I liked to have never gotten it to the
surface. When I got it up close to the top, it was hooked on a big
tree branch. And this was in 40' of water, so look for little
hotspots like this that you would never know were down there.

I will be posting photos of my livewell/cooler that I made a
several weeks ago. The livewells on my boat are just not big
enough for a large bass to survive in. So, I got a 94 quart
cooler and fixed it into a cooler that I can recirculate the
water in the cooler.

I talked to an agent at the Oklahoma Wildlife Department and he
said that you need to put 1/3 cup of non iodized salt for ever 5
gallons of water in your lifewell for the fish. This information
is also on the ODWC web site:

If you are one of the anglers that does not fish during the fall
and winter, be sure and put StaBil, StarTron or Sea Foam in your
gas tank. Gas sitting over the winter will gel and break down.

The usual self life of gas as it is is about 30 to 45 days.The OAU,
Oklahoma Anglers Unlimited, is having their State Championship
sponsored by Carr & Carr on October 20 - 21 on Lake Eufaula. There
will also be an auction with some really neat prizes to be
auctioned off.

Well, I am off to wax on the boat a bit and buff it out real
well. I have found that if you wax a little on the boat each day
that you can wax the entire boat in no time.





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