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Bass Fishing in Oklahoma

November 2007 Newsletter

The cool weather has finally gotten here. This week the highs will
only get into the low to mid 70's.

We had a major cold front move through where the temperature dropped
over 20 degrees in 2 days. I fished the first day of the cold front
until I just couldn't fish anymore. I was anchored in 37' of water
and the next thing I knew I looked at the depth finder and I was in
50'+ of water with the anchors not touching the bottom of the lake.
The wind was blowing that hard. It was even to the point that I
couldn't fish some lures because you would just have to use too much
weight to be able to fish the lures properly.

When you cast out, there would be a big bow in the fishing line from
where the wind was blowing it. You had to cast and keep the rod tip
close to the water so the wind would not catch it and put a large
arc in the line.

I finally had to just load the boat up and head for home.

It seems to be the time to look for the bass herding the schools of
shad into the back of the coves. Although, I am having more success
fishing 25' to 34' of water on main lake points and humps.

If you are one of the bass anglers that doesn't fish during the
winter, be sure and winterize your boat. I have found a great
product that stabilizes your fuel other than Sta-Bil. This product
is called StarTron and can be found at WalMart, Academy, West Marine,
etc. It is cheaper to buy an $8 bottle of Sta-Bil or StarTron than
to pay $500 for a carb job when it gets Spring time.

Also, make sure that you don't have any water in your livewell
plumbing that might freeze and bust your livewell plumbing.

In the next few weeks, I will be redesigning the front pages of
Oklahoma Bass Fishing. You will still be able to find all the
information that the web site has aquired since it was started in

I will be adding several new articles during the month of November,
so check back often to read them.

Also, we have the forum board. If you have not registered, register
and join in on the fun of us talking about things that we are
experiencing and the fun we are having along with what we are





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