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Bass Fishing in Oklahoma

May 2007 Newsletter

It is that time of year to get the rods, reels and fishing lines
out and get ready to go fishing. First there is some maintenance
that needs to be done.

Fishing Rod Maintenance
We will start out on the rods. Take a Q-tip and run it around
each of the guides on the rod. If the cotton sticks to a place,
chances are that place on the guide will damage your fishing line
too. You will need to replace that guide.

Fishing Reel Maintenance
Now, let's move on to the fishing reel. If you can take your reel
apart easily then take it apart and clean all the dirt and grit out
of it. I use Shimano's and I just loosen the side plate and then
take the spool out of the reel. I take Q-tips and clean what I can
on the reel. I mainly work on the bar that the line guide rides on.
Do not use grease uless it is a fairly large gear for the reel
size. Using grease or a heavy oil may slow down your reel and you
will not be able to cast as far as you could before.

Fishing Line Maintenance
The fishing line is one of the most important pieces between you
and the fish. You really need to respool at least once a year if
you don't fish much. Depending on where I am fishing and what I am
fishing in depends on when I respool a reel with new line. There
has been several trips to Lake Fork and McGee Creek that I would
respool every night.

The most important thing to do while fishing is to check the
fishing line around the bait to see if it is damaged. A bass's
mouth is like sandpaper around it's lips. If the line is damaged
and doesn't feel smooth, I will cut the fishing line back past where
the fishing line is damaged and retie the lure onto the new end
of the line. Damaged line will have lost some of it's strength and
might cost you a tropy size bass of a lifetime.




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