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Bass Fishing in Oklahoma

June 2007 Newsletter

I guess you are like me, you are ready for some days without rain.
The lake I fish has not been near as clear as it usually is.
Instead of fishing it like a clear water lake, I have had to fish
it like a heavily stained water lake. It hasn't been muddy but I
have had to use some lures to get the attention of the bass. I have
had to use lures that had "sound" to them like using lures with
rattles, buzz baits with large blades and putting rattles in
large bulky soft plastics that move the water and send pressure
waves out that the bass can feel.

The 2 photos we have on the front page of Oklahoma Bass Fishing
this month are Ray Jay with a 6lb 8oz Largemouth he caught on
May 6th and Dan Eppes with a nice bass that weighed 8lb 6oz on
12 pound test line.

As I am sure most of you have noticed, I add articles throughout
the month. So, you need to check the site on a regular basis to
see the new articles that I have added to the site. This month,
I will be adding articles from Roger Brown, the "The Bass Coach",
Chuck Justice, the only person to have 4 bass that were on the
Oklahoma Top 20 list, articles from the Oklahoma Department of
Wildlife Conservation, etc.

I added some Fishing Log pages to the site. I have found it very
informative to be able to look back at previous fishing trips to
see what was successful and what didn't work at a certain time
of the year or during a certain weather condition. You will find
a link on the left hand side of the site, 2nd link down. You can
download these pages via the link or by going to
2007/fishinglog.html I use a
3 ring punch and then put the pages in a 3 ring binder so that I
can keep my fishing logs for easy access.

I have also started a "Tips and Tricks" forum. List your tips and
tricks and I will turn it into a page and make it an article
listed on the front page and on the left hand side of the page
under "Articles".

The Tips and Tricks for May were:
1. Labeling Line on the rods
2. Fishing Log pages
3. Rods and their care by Rick Smotherman

Just some of the Tips and Tricks that I will be adding in June are:
1. How to properly set your drag
2. Cleaning your reels once a year is a necessity
3. What are the pros and cons on using Fluorocarbon fishing line

A question I would like to ask is how many people fish deep for
bass in the summer and in the winter months. I started a thread
in the General Discussion forum of the Oklahoma Bass Fishing
Message Boards. If you would just log in and post a simple "yes"
or "no" it would help me in determining just how many people do
fish deep for bass.

If you are looking for the perfect Father's Day gift, an 8 hour
fishing trip with Chuck Justice would be a great present. You can
go along for just an additional $50. This is a real bargain and
I guarantee you will learn a lot about bass fishing while
you are with Chuck. Check out Chuck's web site:

Also, I lost a lot of information on the Clubs in Oklahoma. If you
sent in information on your club and I didn't get it posted,
please email it to me again at I
will set up a forum for each club so that you can converse with
your club members.

I created Oklahoma Bass Fishing so that we all could learn more
about bass fishing in Oklahoma. Email me if you want to see
something on the web site. I will investigate it and get you an
answer to your question or find someone with knowledge of the
subject to write an article.

Good fishing and be sure and send photos of your catches to





oklahoma bass fishing address


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