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Bass Fishing in Oklahoma

December 2007 Newsletter

There has been some changes on the Oklahoma Bass Fishing web site.
I have redesigned the front pages so it is easier to navigate to the
main pages of the site. There is still a link at the very top left
hand side that goes to the main site. Then there are links down the
left hand side that links to all the major pages on the site.

I have created a page that lists all the newsletters so that you can
go back and read newsletters from the very start of the newsletters.

I created 2 new forums for the experienced anglers to post tips that
hopefully will help the anglers that are new to fishing. The other
forum is to post about specific lakes that we fish to help others
that fish that lake. Posts should be telling what lures are working
at that time or where the fish are located at that time of year.

I will be upgrading the forums tonight, December 19, 2007 so check
the forums tomorrow and see if you have any problems. If you do run
into a problem, please post it in the forums or email me at .

It has finally turned cold and the bass should be in their
wintering holes by now. I am finding the bass around big schools of
shad in about 25' to 30' of water. The lure of choice is a silver
flutter spoon. I throw out to the school and bring the spoon back by
reeling the handle quick for 3 of 4 turns and then let the spoon
fall back down through the school. Then turn the handle 3 or 4 times
again and let the spoon fall back through the school of bass.

This way when I catch a bass I bring it below the school of shad and
not through the school. If you bring the bass through the school of
shad you will scatter the school of shad and have to wait for it to
group back up again. Some people fish the spoon vertical and this
would bring the bass up through the school of shad scattering the

The places that I have success on are humps, creek channel bends,
breaks on points that break in about 25' to 30' of water.

I also use a jig quite a bit in the winter time. I carry various
weights of jigs as sometimes a faster fall triggers the bite while
other times a slower fall will get the bite.

Be sure if you go fishing that you drain all the water out of the
motor and boat so that the water doesn't freeze and damage the
plumbing or the motor. Steve's suggestion was to lower the front
jack on the boat and then lower the motor as far as you can. If you
will stop half way up the ramp and lower the motor and let the water
drain out and then raise the motor and pull on up the ramp and onto
level ground should drain most of the water out of the motor.

If you have put your boat up for the season, make sure that you have
put Sta-Bil or Star-Tron in your gas so that the motor will start
next Spring when you decide to go fishing again. The gas now a days
has a life of about 45 days. So, it needs an additive to keep the
gas good so that it will be able to start your motor next Spring.

Wishing you tight lines and hopefully great fishing during the
winter season...






oklahoma bass fishing address


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