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Bass Fishing in Oklahoma

August 2007 Newsletter

We had a lot drier period during July than we had during June. Most
of the Oklahoma lakes are still above normal pool. With the water
still above normal, fishing in the flooded grass, brush and trees
is like fishing in the Spring time.

With the temperatures getting up around the triple digits, a lot of
the bass have went deep into the water that is cooler than the
water at the surface. Most of the bass that I have caught in the
month of July were in 12' to 20' of water.

The photos on the front page of Oklahoma Bass Fishing for August
are 2 nice bass caught by Steve Campbell and Jimmy Everett.

August Tips and Tricks
1. Carolina Line Keepers
2. Camouflaging your fishing line
3. Organizing your tackle

I will be doing an article in August about reading a topographical
map and using GPS to find your fishing honey holes quickly without
running over them with the big motor alerting the bass to your
presence. Roger "The Bass Coach" Brown will have an article in

Be sure and check out the new Oklahoma Bass Fishing's Forums. Sign
up and leave a little description of yourself in the Members
Introduction forum so we can get to know you. Because I am not
always around to monitor the OBF Forums, papamark, steve@scp,
bassman, Long_Mike and SSAngler are moderators and going to help
with making sure the posts in the Oklahoma Bass Fishing's Forums
are fishing related. Guides are encouraged to advertise their
guiding business, people are encouraged to advertise upcoming
tournaments. We have a "Humor" forum for us to post funny jokes and
actually things that we do that we can look back at and laugh at.

We have an Oklahoma and Texas Fishing reports forum. Be sure and
leave a short description of your recent fishing trips.

The link to print off the Fishing log pages is the 2nd link down on
the left hand column of the Oklahoma Bass Fishing web site. Keeping
a log is helpful in the coming years as you can look back and see
what lures and methods were working during the same time. This will
give you a leg up on what lures you should be using and what areas
of the lake were productive at that time of year. Beats going
around the lake blind each year when you could have the information
to make your fishing trips more productive and fun.

I have been testing a completely new innovative lure that I have
had great success with. I am going to fish this lure some more this
month so that I can give a good thorough Product Test Report on
this lure and the way that I have been able to be successfully
fishing it. This is the only lure that I have been able to fish in
heavy cover that I would have jigs get hung in and I would have to
break off. I have not lost a single one of these lures, they are
that weedless and that hard to get hung up in even the thickest
cover. I have yet to bring a single piece of grass back in on the
lure when I get it back to the boat. This is one of the best lures
that I have ever used and I don't have to worry about losing it.
The only way that I see to lose this lure if is if your knot breaks
or your fishing line is frayed from going over rocks and rubbing
against the tree limbs and obstacles you are fishing around. I
always retie my line after I catch a fish and I do check my line
for wear every so often and retie if I feel any abrasion. I will be
doing the Product Test Report around August 15th, so be sure and
look for this Test Report as it the first lure that I am going to
endorse whole heartedly.

I am also fishing a new buzzbait design that I am happy with. This
buzzbait does not collect weeds like most buzzbaits do. I am going
to go fishing at sun up and at night some more and give this
buzzbait a full work out in the weeds around the bank near deep
water. I will be posting this Product Test Report the first of

The bass around 2 pounds are chasing the shad in the middle of the
lake where I am fishing all day long. You can go out in the area
and catch them when they chase the balls of shad. When they scatter
the schools of shad, just be patient and when the shad balls up
again they will chase them on the surface again. Usually, the bass
don't chase the shad until the fall time, but on the lake I am
fishing, they are already chasing the shad. I tie on a weightless
fluke with the hook exposed on a light action spinning rod and have
a blast.

With the lakes that we fish getting heavy fishing pressure on the
weekends. We need to come up with ways to fish that give them Bass
something they have not seen. They get used to the anglers going
around the shoreline throwing buzzbaits and worms, etc. I like to
fish away from the bank where the bass are not used to seeing a
lure. Another thing that I will do is fish a worm super slow, I
mean take 5 minutes to retrieve the lure after you cast it out.
Most anglers fish fast. They fish a worm and they work it so fast
that they cover 3' of the bottom in less than 5 seconds. Think of
the tournament anglers, they run up to cover on a shoreline, fish
it real fast then they move on, then another angler comes in fishes
the same area of cover near the shoreline and then leaves, then
comes the next angler that fishes the same cover fast and then
moves on, etc.

Think about what a bass feeds on on the bottom of the lake. It
doesn't move fast. It moves slow. Slow down and make your baits
look more natural and see if you don't start catching more fish. I
think you will start enjoying fishing more if you slow down and
start catching more bass. At times I will catch a 5 pound bass
right after 3 tournament boats have fished the same area.

I am making entries in the Oklahoma Bass Fishing' Blog several
times a month. The link to the Blog is the top link on the left
hand side of the page and the URL to the blog is

Tight lines and I wish you great success in August...




oklahoma bass fishing address


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