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New Product Report
Gene Larew floating soft plastic baits

While at the Tackle shows, I saw some new soft plastic baits that really intrigued me. Gene Larew has come out with several floating soft plastic baits that will be big sellers this year.

They have come out with a floating finesse craw that will work ideally on a jig. The floating craw stands straight up in the defensive posture and is highly visible to the bass. The jig trailers that I have been using, lie on the bottom and do not stand up and wiggle like these new Gene Larew floating craws do.

The Gene Larew floating ring worm is another soft plastic bait that I see being used a lot this year. This bait has tentacles that are at the end of the bait that will be floating up in the water. These tentacles should produce a waving action that will be enticing to bass.

Gene Larew has also come out with a floating soft plastic lizard. This bait should be ideal when the bass are up in the shallows. I can also see where this bait will be good when used on a Carolina rig. Notice in the photos of the floating lizard that the lizard is suspended and is not on the bottom of the demonstration aquarium.

Below are some of the photos of the new Gene Larew floating soft plastic baits. These photos were taken in the demonstration aquarium that was at the OKC Gene Larew booth. As you can tell from the photos, these baits float very well and will be easily visible to the fish.

Several of the staff members will be using these floating soft plastic baits, so expect to see Product Test reports on these exciting new lures.

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genelflcrawjig.jpg (92769 bytes) genelflringtube.jpg (41184 bytes) genelflcrawjigyellow.jpg (42000 bytes)

These Gene Larew floating soft plastic baits can be purchased at Backlash Tackle.

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