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Caution going to a new lake and taking new shortcuts

Did you hear about a new way back home that may be a shortcut and take some time off your driving to and from a lake? While fishing at McGee Creek, Dean and I were told about a road that would take about 15 minutes off our driving time. 

Everything was going fine on the way back home, until we came upon a tight 90 right hand turn that was not marked with signs. With the sun in our eyes, we didn't see the turn until we were practically in it. We almost made it through the turn, but the boat pushed the backend of the Suburban around causing the Suburban to roll over ruining what had been a great fishing trip.

As you can see in the photo on the left, the hitch on the back of the Suburban twisted 90 to the right and the tongue of the boat trailer came out of the boat trailer separating the boat from the Suburban. Because of this, the trailer and boat did not roll like the Suburban did. The boat and trailer sustained minor damage while the Suburban was completely totaled.

Our day started out great with us leaving at 4:30 am. Early that morning, Dean hooked a Largemouth that would have went between 8 and 10 pounds that he lost right at the boat when his line broke. We left McGee Creek at 5pm and instead of getting home around 7:30 pm that night, Dean had to spend 10 days in the hospital. Had we not had our seat belts on, both of us would have been injured even worse than we were.

So, when you are going to a new lake or you are taking a new shortcut, be sure and take caution on the new road to prevent ruining your fishing trip.