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Bass are schooling at McGee Creek
Greg Myers

2 weeks ago, Chuck Justice called and said that the bass were schooling on McGee Creek. Chuck and I were able to catch schooling fish in the mornings until the wind begin blowing and produced chop on the water. There was also a flurry of action in the afternoons when the water was as smooth as glass.

The lure of choice was the Gene Larew Sinking Slugger. We would cast into the spot where the bass had broken the surface of the water. Usually a couple of twitches would produce a bite. Several of the bass that we caught spit up the small shad that they were feeding on. The size of the shad was about 3/4" in length. Chuck said that those same shad would be twice the size in about a month. Chuck said that the school fishing would only get better and better until the first cold snap.

If you want to go down and spend the night, I suggest Trophy Bass Cabins. They can be reached at 580-889-6742.