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February 2002

Fishing on Lake Fork
Richard McCarty

The month of February on Lake Fork has always been my favorite. When the wind blows and we have cloudy weather, the rattle trap bite and spinnerbait bite can be phenomenal. On the cloudy, warm days I like to fish the backs of creeks and pockets with the spinnerbait. After a cold front with a north wind I like to fish over grass on the main lake. Remember, wind is the key. On the calm days, I like to fish either a jig or a lizard anywhere from the bank out to about 8 feet in the creeks. I don't necessarily stay on the creek channel, although being close to it will increase your odds of catching a really big fish. I have caught numbers and big fish in all areas of the lake where I have good spawning coves, so I am not going to specify any certain area of the lake. The main thing to remember is that the fish are moving in to spawn and you are trying to intercept them in February, so pick out a good protected pocket or cove and try to determine how they will migrate in and fish accordingly.

The fish on Lake Fork have never given me a reason to believe that they are line shy, so bring as heavy a line as you are comfortable with that will allow the bait that you are throwing to work properly. If you hook a big fish, this gives you more confidence that you can pressure the fish away from cover without breaking your line.

I expect this February to be better than last February (2001) due to the warmer weather throughout the winter and believe we will see several Share Lunkers.

Good Luck,
Richard McCarty