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The Jimmy Houston Outdoor Oklahoma Team Trail

Broken Bow Lake
Jerry Corbett

Allen Head (Pryor, Ok) and Gary Carrier (Grove, Ok) won the first regular season event in the Jimmy Houston Outdoors Oklahoma Team Trail Tournament with a weight of 12.50 lbs. leading a field of determined Broken Bow fishermen under beautiful weather conditions. It was a great start to a full and exciting season fishing the Jimmy Houston Trail, with over 100 teams battling it out for the healthy first place check! The payback guarantees 75 paid place at every event this year, but unfortunately the fish just didnít cooperate for everyone and only 53 teams brought anything to the scales. So just as agreed upon by the anglers from the pre-tournament meeting the night before, the remaining winnings were added up and divided by the teams weighing fish and equally divided between those teams.

Allen and Gary were kind enough to provided the OklahomaBassFishing.com viewers with some insight into their fishing day and how they turned another early season trip to beautiful Broken Bow lake into a first place finish.

OBF-So tell us about your day?

Allen-We started off on a spot from last yearís event and caught a couple of fish off it early. After that we moved on to a couple of smallmouth holes and added another keeper. After that we started running a little patten in a few different areas around the lake. It was really tough fishing, we only caught five keeper fish all day and had a couple of short fish.

OBF-What kind of water conditions did you guys fish? Stained, muddy or did you concentrate on the clear water in the main lake?

Gary-We pretty much covered it all. We started out down in the main lake and eventually ran up into the river and then ended back down in the lake again. It was tough, we were just trying to find a bite.

OBF-Did you have a go to bait or something that was working better than anything else?

Allen-We were each trying to change up baits and trying to throw something different so we could figure out what they would bite. However, most of my better bites and better fish came on the Spider Jig from Jewel Bait Company.

Gary-The jig seemed to be bringing in the best fish, so I concentrated on throwing a new Jay Yelas jig from Pure Fishing with a little power craw.

OBF-Well two years in a row you guys have come down to Broken Bow and walked away with a first place finish, I bet you have a soft spot for your trips down to southeastern Oklahoma?

Allen-Broken Bow lake was the spot most tournament directors started the year off at, being down here in the southern part of the state with a little warmer water temperature makes a big difference. After they put the slot limit on the lake, the tournament directors started avoiding coming down here and its really a shame because itís a beautiful lake and you couldnít ask for any nicer people than the community of Broken Bow to host an event like this. I have always liked this lake.

OklahomaBassFishing.com would like to personally thank Allen and Gary for taking the time to answer some questions regarding their win. Thanks Again!

Not only did Kelly Cooper and the entire Jimmy Houston Outdoor staff hand out tournament winnings for stringers of bass, the Lucky Bucks Spin-to-Win challenge netted five lucky teams with some incentive cash! The first place prize was almost $1,000 bucks and went to Mike Knox. Mike said that they had a really tough day on the water and unfortunately didnít have anything to weigh at the end of the day, but they still walked away with some prize money.

The next Jimmy Houston Outdoor Oklahoma Team Trail event is March 28th on Grand Lake out of Martins Landing. Contestants are reminded that you must fish five tournaments to qualify for the classic. You are permitted to miss one tournament out of each division (Oklahoma or Arkansas) with the opportunity to make that one up in the other division, but you must fish at least four from either/or with a total of five tournaments fished. And just as a reminder, a Ranger model 520VX w/225 hp Mercury will be given away as the first place prize at the classic unless your team is fishing from any year model Ranger boat, titled in either contestantís name and then you will win two Ranger 520VX boats.

The OklahomaBassFishing.com staff will be on hand at all the Jimmy Houston Outdoors Oklahoma Team Trail events to cover all the angles and action. It should be an exciting year and we look forward to getting back out on the water at Grand Lake. Make sure you check back before the next event and checkout the Grand Lake preview for some helpful links and some fishing information.

Final Results from Broken Bow Lake

Place Team Total Weight (lbs)

1. Allen Head and Gary Carrier 12.50

2. Jeff Belote and Bruce Jordan 11.08

3. Jerry Walthall and Robert Walthall 10.87

4. Benny Scott and Willie Scott 10.08

5. Brad Warwick and Brent Jones 9.39

6. Rodney Maynard and Kip Morrow 9.37

7. Chris Jones and Chris M. Jones 8.02

8. Michael Carper and Stanley Compton 7.60

9. Carl Gantt and Danny Shelton 7.57

10. Jimmy Abernathy and Robbie Brassfield 6.79

11. Lloyd Davenport and Everett Eaton 6.76

12. Shannon Cogburn and David Williams 6.38

13. Dan Mahaffey and Sonya Mahaffey 6.32

14. Robert Finical and Keith Taylor 6.21

15. Gary Baker and Steven Russell 6.08

16. Roland Smith and Scott Fuller 6.05

17. Ricci Head and Jim Hudson 6.01

18. Terry Henry and Hank Williams 5.19

19. Mark Phillips and Jeramy Woody 5.05

20. John Storie and Harvey Lunceford 4.64

21. Bobby Meyer 4.58

22. Floyd Drannon and Kayse Potter 4.52

23. Steve Lovell and Tommy Eacret 4.45

24. Doug King and Mike Ellig 4.36

25. Darren Mize and Jackie Copeland 3.83

26. Doug Storey and Tommy Rupisill 3.82

27. Randy Queen and Cam Wood 3.61

28. Royce Dennington and Chris Torkelson 3.53

29. Dick Warner and Larry Conner 3.51

30. Ron Hopkins and Ronnie Hopkins 3.20

31. Dick Garoutte and Barry Fitch 2.82

32. Glen Sanders and Shawn White 2.72

33. James Childers and Wayne Childers 2.53

34. Wayne Gray and Perry Chair 2.40

35. James Winton and Cody Myers 2.31

36. Chris Johnson and Skyler Johnson 2.28

36. Dean Thompson and Billy Baker 2.28

38. Rick Gideon and Larry Daily 2.24

39. Keith Cline and Bub Cunningham 2.19

40. Steven Wright and Bob Meyer 2.08

41. Bill Stagner and Barry Stone 2.07

42. Art Sutherland and Lowell Holiman Jr. 2.05

43. Vian Cockerham and Charles Dale 1.99

44. Jim Shay and Jason Shay 1.68

45. Shawn Farley and Steve Karr 1.40

46. Chris Hall and Weldon Rector 1.36

47. Don Croka and Jim Valentine 1.26

48. Joe R. Tuell and Robert Birkes 1.20

49. Allen King and Devin McClary 1.17

50. Jason Christie and Charles Christie 1.14

51. Jerry Payne and Randy Faddis 1.11

52. Larry Sissel and Earl Collins 0.99

53. Stanely Day and J.D. Linn 0.66

54. Charles Vasson and Roy E. Mason 0.00

54. Chris Lindenberg 0.00

54. Danny L. Hisaw 0.00

54. Brian Cooper and Travis Boyd 0.00

54. J.C. Worley and Brad Oliver 0.00

54. Mike Brown and Mike Wackenhuth 0.00

54. Eddy Lockhart and Burney Byers 0.00

54. John Callaham and Jamey Wallis 0.00

54. Delane Smith and Wingo Smith 0.00

54. Michael Knox and Mike Knox 0.00

54. Rick Wilson and Kelly Wilson 0.00

54. William McLamore and Rusty Hinkle 0.00

54. Brian Martin and Kevin Carlile 0.00

54. David Smith and Lannon Nipper 0.00

54. Randy Roberts and Heath Roberts 0.00

54. Kris Schnyder and Ron Ainsworth 0.00

54. Phillip Brewer and Jeff Clayborn 0.00

54. Gary Read and Anthony Lemmings 0.00

54. Jim Phillips and Glen Hudson 0.00

54. Terry G. Butcher and Terry V. Butcher 0.00

54. Franklin Carter and John Dutton Sr. 0.00

54. Jerry Corbett and Mike Corbett 0.00

54. Joe Benham and Jerry Eakle 0.00

54. David Brakebill and Ronald Franks 0.00

54. Bob Myers and Pat Myers 0.00

54. Sherman Shelby and Terri Shelby 0.00

54. Roy Petree and Mike Falleur 0.00

54. Otto Pace and Donald Hollingsworth 0.00

54. Steve Bruton and Brooks Malone 0.00

54. Newman Harp and Johnny Harp 0.00

54. Billy Dale and Bobby Dale 0.00

54. Stephen Krauk and Chris Whited 0.00

54. Todd Gunnels and Keith Eggler 0.00

54. Bennie Carter and Otho Pace 0.00

54. Bryce Archey and Steve Lumpkin 0.00

54. Ed Carter and Kathey Bray 0.00

54. Joe Copeland and Red Rutherford 0.00

54. Wayne Dralik and Chuck Sloma 0.00

54. Brad Cook and Dale Wilcox 0.00

54. Kyle Cooper and Eric Olson 0.00

54. Bob Hayness 0.00

54. Keith Griffith and Gary Steelman 0.00

54. Terry Queen and Jason Archie 0.00

54. Andy Coggins and Laranda Roy 0.00

54. Russ Keller and Steve Fulps 0.00

54. Larry Priddy and T. Jay Switzer 0.00

54. Creston Harrell and Mike Harrell 0.00

54. Dower Combs and Don Hansen 0.00

54. Martin Capetillo and James Wheat 0.00

54. Kelly Howell and Will Belvin 0.00

For more information regarding the Jimmy Houston Outdoor Team Trail (Oklahoma or Arkansas division) you may contact Kelly Cooper Tournament Director at 918-647-0514 or via email at jhott@jimmyhouston.com. Tournament entry forms may be mailed to Jimmy Houston Tournament Trails 32640 Gilmore Rd. Poteau, OK 74953.






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