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Jimmy Houston Outdoor Tournament Trail
at Eufaula
by Carl Woods

Lense Ramey and Greg Dorris

Lense Ramey (Kiefer, Ok) and Greg Dorris (McAlester, Ok) won the final regular season event in the Jimmy Houston Outdoors T. Trails tournaments with a weight of 14.14lbs. besting a field of tough Eufaula fishermen under "hot" and "windy" weather conditions. Just about everyone who fishes Eufaula a lot came out to compete. I have known Greg and Lense for about (15) years. I remember meeting Greg years ago when he fished most of the time with his dad J.E. Dorris. Greg and J.E. were always a team to beat on Eufaula. J.E. is gone now but all the experience that Greg gained in those years of fishing old 'Big Muddy" have paid off well for him.

Second place went to Dennis Huggins and Brent Davis with the weight of (13.43). Good enough for the $5,000 second place. I "teased" Dennis and Brent during the awards ceremony by asking them if they caught their fish in about 6" of water, everyone knows how "deep" that they "rig fish".

Third was Jimmy Carnell and Dan Mahaffey with (11.37), it was good to see Jimmy Carnell do well. I also teased Jimmy about how "cleaned up" he looked in his clothes these days. When you fish a lot like Jimmy does now, you are required to always look good, he did when he came up to get his $2610 check.

Fourth was Steve Core and Tim Haddick with (10.99) for $1955. Steve and Tim "lost" a fish that died, costing them a 1/2 pound penalty, it always hurts.

And rounding out the top (5) places was Chet & Sheryl Baize with (10.77) for $1300.Chester and Sheryl have proved that a husband and wife team can compete with the men, they finished high all year.

The Big Bass was a (5.17) weighed by Steve Core and Tim Haddick, worth $1700.

There were (50) places paid out and (4) Big Bass places. Now we get on with getting ready for the Championship in September on Tenkiller. Right around (200) teams have qualified by fishing all (5) events. This has been a very good year for the Trail and a lot of fun. We hope that all the teams (431) that have fished with us enjoyed it too.

The "Anglers of the Year" were Lloyd Davenport and Everett Eaton of Stillwater, Ok. They are just amazing! How about Jason Christie and Charles Christie who finished second in the "points" and came from way back. And Danny Bird who works for Rob Kilby with Ranger Boats who gave up his time to "fish" with each sponsor who wanted to go out. That's not easy to do and finish well up in the points overall without a regular partner. I know that I probably forgot someone who helped a lot, like the "staff" themselves who worked hard trying to make it good for everyone. And of course our main sponsor, "Ranger Boats" who make this all possible along with "Jimmy Houston" himself. Jimmy has personally attended (3)of the events. More people each time and getting a chance to meet Jimmy and talk with him and more need to do that in the future. Thanks to everyone.

The sponsors that helped this year, all of them, have been great. From Mike Garrett Chev/Dodge with the trucks that he helped us purchase, to John Bond with "Daylight Donuts" who has given so many donuts and coffee to everyone each event, and "BG Oil" with lots of oil, David Miller with "Cross Communications" who did so much at the Kerr event, and of course "Johnsonville Foods" who gave us all those wonderful "brats" each time and Great Outdoors Grills who gives us those smokers to give away earlier this year and "Pradco" and everyone else who do so much, THANK YOU. We all appreciate it!

Plans are already started for a "Oklahoma Trail" again in 2004 and also a "Arkansas Trail" with a lot of new ideas for both trails, those plans will be out soon with schedules. But "thanks" mostly to the "Anglers of Oklahoma" who have trusted us to do well for them and fished with us, we appreciate you all.