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The Tulsa Boat, Sport & Travel Show
Jerry Corbett

The 48th annual Tulsa Boat, Sport and Travel Show held at the Expo Square January 26th through February 1st brought together exhibitors, seminars on fishing and hunting, food, drinks and of course the worlds only water-skiing squirrel.  The show is the largest single event held at Expo Square, with the exception of the Tulsa State Fair.  The show is considered one of the finest in the country with all the floor space sold out every year.

So why pay to get into the boat show in order to give numerous vendors the opportunity to sell you something?  Well that is the question many people have asked, but the fact is, the exhibitors try to showcase the new products that are going to be available to the public in the coming year.  Itís the premier run of new boats, tackle, and other accessories that are designed to make our time on the water more enjoyable.

Also, most tournament fisherman view the boat show as the beginning of a new fishing year.  Itís the time that anglers walk from both to both picking up all the new brochures on the upcoming tournament trails and begin the preparation and planning for the exciting new year.  Yes many individuals do log on and get a jump on the events many organizations have planned, but many others do not, and the organizations themselves usually reserve the boat show dates as the unveiling time for their upcoming plans.

The show also affords many the opportunity to sign up for great programs like the Oklahoma Anglers Unlimited, or many otherís get to checkout programs like the Casting Kids or Fishin Pals organizations.  It also gives the public access to programs that many donít realize are available to the public.

Finally the show gives everyone that has been infected by the cabin fever the chance to get out, with the family and friends, the chance to talk the talk and walk the walk of the upcoming fishing year. 

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Take it easy, and good fishing!
Jerry Corbett





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