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New Product Report
Greg Myers

Gene Larew Sinking Slugger

The Gene Larew Sinking Slugger is not a new bait, it appears that it was created ahead of it's time. After dusting the molds off and making a few improvements, the engineers put the molds in the injection molding machines and brought the Sinking Slugger out of retirement and back into production.

Because of the weighting of the salt, the Sinking Slugger sinks parallel to the bottom. The Sinking Slugger has about a half inch oblong hole molded into it's middle that gives the bait a limber action similar to that found in jointed lures. The Sinking Slugger also has a slit to hold the hook and make hooksets easier. In the photo below you can see the half inch oblong hole in the middle of the Sinking Slugger.

The Sinking Slugger comes in two sizes, 4 inch and 6 inch. Both are heavily loaded with salt through a process that Gene Larew holds the patent for. Both the 4 inch and the 6 inch comes in a variety of colors and are garlic scented.

George says: Rig the 6" Sinking Slugger on a 5/0 offset worm hook and watch it cast like a bullet. Cast it beyond visible cover and, using twitches of the rod, work it right up and through the cover. As soon as it clears the target, "dead-stick" the rod, letting the bait sink out of sight while "feeling" the fall. Get ready for action.!

Gene Larew Fishing Tips: Rig the Sinking Slugger Texas-style, using a 5/0 offset hook on the 6 inch size, a 3/0 on the 4 inch. Make long casts into the shallows and retrieve using a twitch and pause action. As the bait approaches deeper break-lines or structure, allow it to fall on a dead stick while maintaining a tight line in order to detect strikes. On other occasions, have patience to let it sink into the depths.