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Glen Lau Bass Video Library

Glen Lau has captured the Largemouth Bass in it's environment on video tape. These VCR films are loaded with spectacular underwater photography. Since the videos were photographed in Florida lakes, the clarity of the water is gin clear. This makes seeing how the bass live, react and feed extremely visible.

Some of the anglers that are featured in these films are Rick Clunn, Shaw Grigsby, Roland Martin, Al Lindner, Hank Parker and Homer Circle.

The Bass Video Library contains these 5 videos:

  • Bigmouth
  • Bigmouth Forever
  • Surface Lures and Buzz Baits
  • Bass in Heavy Cover
  • Feeding Habits of Bass

Each of these videos comes in it's own plastic VCR box to protect the film.

The 5 VCR film collection is just $79.75 + shipping and can be ordered from:
Wet and Wildlife Images, LLC
3161 NW 95th Ave Rd.
Ocala, FL 34482-3817

NOTE: These VCR films can also be purchased separately.