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 June 14, 2004



That has been my mantra since I started writing these articles and no where did it become more important that while fishing the CITGO/BASS Central Federation Divisional the first week of June.  Here is my own testimonial to taking care of your catch.


During the second day of the tournament, I had put three fish in the box and my partner had one.  I had my Ranger Boat aeration system on manual so that it was recirculating water continuously and I had treated the fish with the proper amount of Rejuvenade immediately upon catching the first fish.  Sometime around 9:30-10:00, I asked my partner to add in a couple of the Catch’N Cool refreezable gel packs.  When he opened the live well, he commented that I had a dead fish!  Needless to say I was very surprised, I had been throwing a buzzbait and none of the fish had been deep hooked at all.  The surface water temp was around 84 degrees, however, and that is why I was adding in the frozen packs.  By the way, these gel packs are great!  They are only about 8x8 square and can be refrozen indefinitely!  They are much better than ice or frozen jugs in that they will last 3-4 hours and will float on top of the water.


Well, the fishes eyes had already started to turn a golden color and the color of his gills were already a little pink, but they were still barely moving.  I took the Rejuvenade and poured a small amount down his throat and dipped him in the tank to get in down his gullet and onto his gills.  With that I double dosed the tank and added in the Catch’N Cool refreezable gel packs.  I estimated that they would lower the water temp about five degrees.


With that we ran to the next spot, I caught my fourth keeper around 11:00 and when I opened the livewell, ALL of the fish were swimming and in fine shape.  Whether that fish would have survived or not, without treatment, is unknown, what I do know is that I did everything possible to take care of my catch and prevent the possibility of any dead fish penalty.


Are you taking care of yours as well?


Until next month, take care of your catch!


Doss Briggs





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