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Doss Briggs

Warm weather has finally arrived and the fishing should start to get better in the very near future. Although I can’t complain too much about the weather conditions for this winter, it sure is nice when the days start warming up into the 70’s! It certainly does make me appreciate being an amateur fisherman and not having to endure the past two months of horrible conditions on the pro trails.

Now that spring is officially here, it is back to taking care of your catch. As we get closer to the spawn, it becomes imperative that your catch receives the maximum amount of attention. To this I would suggest the following. Always run your aerators in a continuous mode or at least with a minimum amount of cycle time. While cooler water will carry a higher ratio of dissolved oxygen (DO) in the water, it is still very important to maintain the level of DO that the fish are use to. If you just place your catch in a livewell with the aerator on maximum cycle time, the fish will use up more oxygen than is being replenished.

Of course, the use of Bassmedics™ Rejuvenade™ will help your catch in a variety of ways. First, it will increase the oxygen carrying capacity of the water. In addition, it will help to relieve the stress that holding the fish in a contained environment will bring on. Thirdly, the fish’s metabolism will be increased which will help it to digest what it has been dining on as well as feed quicker upon their release. To put this in more laymen’s terms, would you rather take a laxative after dinner or eat a Snicker's and drink a Mountain Dew? That is the major difference between this product and others.

I can personally attest to the attributes of Rejuvenade™ during my first tournament of this year. While I am not a smallmouth fisherman, I had the good fortune to catch a couple of nice brownies on Texoma this past weekend along with some chunky Spot’s early in the day. Both fish are notorious for spitting up their last meal while being held in a livewell. However, in conjunction with my Ranger livewell and Rejuvenade™ there was not a SINGLE piece of regurgitation in the livewell and this was with a 4 lb. and 5 1/2-lb. smallmouths being held together. I must say that I continue to be amazed at the quality of the product and how much better the fish seem to be when released.

Until next month, take care of your catch!

Doss Briggs







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