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Best for the Bass
Doss Briggs

WOW! What a hectic summer this has been.  I really appreciate the response that I have received from everyone the past couple of months for my new business venture. With out a doubt BassMedics™ Rejuvenade™ has been the premier product for my new company.  It is the most conservation minded fish care product on the market and I am pleased at how everyone has accepted a new way to take care of their fish.  I am also excited to be involved with OklahomaBassFishing.com and providing some information regarding fish care to all of their readers. 

Even though fall is just around the corner, keep in mind that fish care is an ongoing requirement for ALL fishermen.  Many times, we "forget" to take care of the fish once the water starts cooling down.  However, just because the weather is cooler, the water temps will stay in the 80's, sometimes into the month of October.  The benefit of Rejuvenade™ is that it is a proactive treatment that benefits the fish year round!  By increasing the fish's metabolism, the fish will typically feed sooner after release. In addition, the use of Rejuvenade™ year round will help keep your tournament weights up due to the fish not regurgitating while being held in a livewell.  This is a tremendous benefit when fishing for spotted or small mouth bass.

As I have mentioned to others, the tournament director's typically get the blame when fish float up dead after an event.  However, the way the fisherman takes care of the fish has a much greater impact than the 30 minutes that a tournament official actually has the fish.  That is why it is imperative that ALL fishermen take care of their catch to the greatest extent possible. 

Here are some helpful tips when coming to the weigh-in:


1.            Always take water from your livewell when taking the fish to the weigh master.  When you take water from the lake, it is usually at the hottest time of the day, the water is loaded with hydrocarbons from the other boats exhaust and this lowers the oxygen carrying capacity of the water.


2.            Try to lower your water temperatures in the livewell anywhere from 5 to 8 degrees.

3.            This helps to calm the fish, as well as increases the oxygen carrying capacity of the water.

4.            Always, always dip fresh water into your bag when in the weigh in line.  Many tournament groups use bags with out holes.   While this is great for the fisherman, it can be death to the fish!  Typically, fish held in 85-degree water can deplete the oxygen in the water in less than a minute.  Obviously, this is very harmful to the fish and can increase their stress levels.

5.           Encourage your tournament organization to take a pro-active approach to fish care!


Until next month, take care of your catch!

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