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Best for the Bass - Part two
Doss Briggs


Well, as October rolls around who would have been able to predict the incredibly wonderful weather that we had for the month of September.  With water temps already in the lower 70's it certainly is much cooler and different than in recent years.  However, fish care must go on!


With the cooler water temps it is certainly easier to take care of your catch.  The challenge is always remembering to pay attention to your livewells.  It is still very necessary to keep your recirculating pumps on all of the time.  While the water is cooler, fish still require water that has high dissolved oxygen content.  The cooler the water the easier it is to maintain that high oxygen carrying capacity.


With all of that said, Rejuvenade™ works as well in the cooler water as it does in the heat of the summer.  I cannot even begin to mention all of the wonderful stories that have been relayed to me regarding what Rejuvenade™ did for their catch.  From saving fish that were deep hooked while c-rigging to rejuvenating fish that were in poor condition with sores, to loosing all the water while making a long run and have the fish bounce back after being treated. With each story, the results are the same.  Their fish survived and appeared to be in a livelier condition than when they were caught.  The testimonials regarding this product have been overwhelming.  Even with this major benefit, many people have told me that their livewells have not had the regurgitation and they are confident that by using Rejuvenade™ that this helped them to place higher in their tournament.  If you go back and look at the tournament weights, many places in the money were decided by ounces.


You will find that livewell management will be a reoccurring theme in all of my articles. I will always stress to everyone to pay close attention to the operation of their livewells.  Whether using the fresh water pump or the recirculation pump, it is very important to check that your boat is functioning properly.  This includes that your pumps are operating sufficiently and maintaining the proper water level.  Additionally, it is important that your catch is receiving the maximum oxygen that your pumps are capable of while recirculating. Many times the strainers at the bottom are so clogged from scales and other debris that they are only operating at a fraction of their capacity. Fish cannot live with out water and oxygen any more than we can live without air and oxygen.  And finally, remember to use Rejuvenade™, it will help to rejuvenate your catch and might put more money in your pocket!

Until next month, take care of your catch!

Doss Briggs






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