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Chuck Justice's "Trophy Bass Guide Service"
by Greg Myers

On October 15, 2001, Dean Knight and I had the pleasure to go fishing with Chuck Justice on McGee Creek. We started the morning fishing the timber next to a roadbed and a ditch with Gene Larew Mega Ring Tubes, Paddle Shads and 8" Ribbon Tail Worms. To the right is a photo where Chuck and I doubled up with both of us catching a fish at the same time at our first stop.

We fished mostly in the timber and the banks of creek beds and always had deep water nearby. Chuck said that deep water nearby was essential when fishing for Trophy size largemouth bass. He went into detail on the fact that deep water could be different in 2 different lakes. In shallow lakes, deep water might be water 4' deeper.

With a cold front moving through, we started encountering strong winds that produced white caps on the water before noon. Around 1pm the bite shut off  and about 2 hours later we started feeling a difference in the air temperature.

Some of the things that Chuck stressed were:

  • Trophy size Bass are lazy
  • Trophy size Bass look for bait that moves slowly and is easy to catch
  • Trophy size Bass are ambushers
  • Most Trophy size Bass are caught on soft plastic lures

Chuck did mention that when going after Trophy size Bass that you wouldn't get as many bites but you would catch better quality fish. We also discussed about how that fishing for Trophy size Bass was different than fishing tournaments. People fishing Bass Tournaments are looking for 5 fish whereas when Trophy Bass fishing you are looking for a big fish.

Chuck, Dean and I are going to go fishing again in late November when the Trophy size Bass are in their wintering holes. Dean or I will write an article on that fishing trip in the December issue of Oklahoma Bass Fishing's online magazine.

For anyone that is interested in catching Trophy size Bass, I would whole heartedly recommend hiring Chuck for a guided fishing trip. I would suggest calling Chuck as early as possible when you decide on a time that you would like to go fishing as Chuck gets booked up several months in advance during certain periods of the year.