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First Tournament , First Problems but no first fish?
Chris Diehl

Prefishing was great, lots of fish and no problems!!

Tournament day!!! Ha Ha Ha, no fish and Problems every where.
Got up to go to the ramp at 4 a.m and hooked the boat up and Problem Number 1- Trailer lights and truck tail lights gone.
After looking at every fuse in the way, you know me, one punch to the truck dashboard and whalah, lights!!!

You could'nt have seen a more beautiful picture than the sight of 300 boats at sunrise lined up in grasshopper cove with lights a blazin and the sun coming up over a small island in the middle. I looked at Jon and said " this is it bubba, We made it, and its gonna be a good day!!!"

Blast off- We sat in line and watch the sign as our Number came close 173-174- 175!!!! Petal to the floor and WHOA!!! ITS COLD!!!
I think my Eyeball just froze open!!!!

Water, Water, Everywhere and not a fish for us, All day I kept saying" Lord, Jonah got his whale, all I want is a 10lb Bass!!!
Well don't expect God to answer a prayer like that when you just cursed several words because you just lost the lure you caught all your fish on prefishing!!!

Weigh in- We pulled up and talked to the checkin boat and he asked if we had any fish, I said "not a one, how many times have you heard that today?" He smiled and said "all but eight!"

Jon and I had discussed this during the day and felt better we were not the only popcicles in the box!

We go up to get are breakfast, lunch, and dinner (two delicious Johnsonville Brats) and watch Alan Head turn in the string of the day 14 plus and my hero Kirk Washburn turn in a sting of good fish and walk away with the feelin that we are average!!! After talking to Kirk and him telling me he "Cranked them all in" I rubbed my sore aching arm , which was sore from "Cranking all day!!" I told Jon "Well we had the right idea". We'll get'em at Grand, its my lake!!!"

Goin Home- After sitting and watching fish after fish come in and talking to some fellow anglers that had blanked for the day too, we jumped in our truck and headed for the 41/2 hour ride home.

On the way blew the wheel bearing and hub on the boat trailer which I just spent 200 bucks getting fixed, We sat on the side of the road fixing it when the greatest testament to Oklahoma fishermen happen. Everyone stop to help and it was great!!! These are guys and gals that I just went out and competed against and will compete against again at the end of the month and all stopped to help.

Got home last night at 12;30 a.m and felt great that I was involved in a sport where everyone is caring, competitive and knows how it is to do this continuously. Thanks to all.

And the moral of the story is, Grand will be my Lake!!! lol
just a lil humor into a "Diehl" fishing trip.

Love all of ya!!!!