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October, 2001

Throughout the year I am fortunate to be able to fish countless tournaments.  However, once in a while I need to just go fishing.  I need to get out on the water and fish with no pressure on me to catch five keepers and a kicker fish.  City lakes are a great place to go for fun and you donít have to worry about all those personal watercrafts or big cruisers throwing giant wakes.

This past weekend I got such an opportunity and I took full advantage of it.  I called a friend and we set out for Bluestem Lake in Pawhuska to catch a few fish.  We got to the lake just before daylight.  We launched the boat and started to fish in the cool morning air.  We had one fish in the boat on the third cast. It was a short fish, but it stretched my line and that is all we went for.  We caught several fish on buzzbaits early, but we put them away and went to pitching worms.  That is where the fishing got good.  We ended up catching around twenty-five bass that day and we had a couple of big fish.  That is what fun fishing is all about.

There have been countless times that I wanted to go fun fishing but I didnít have the time to go to one of the big lakes in my area.  I sometimes would go to our city lake in Bartlesville (Little Lake Hudson).  There is no way to count the number of fish that I have caught there.  I have caught several six-pound plus Largemouthís.  I also have caught a few quality Smallmouth Bass there.  This city lake has timber, rocks, stumps, flats, ledges, vegetation and long points to fish.  Since it has all this structure, it is a great place to learn new techniques as well as fine tune techniques that you are already using.

Another city lake that I go to whenever I get a chance is Lake Longmeyer in Paulís Valley.  This is where I go when I want to go catch a few really big fish.  It is loaded with standing timber and you can only idle through the creek channels in most of the lake.  When big bass are suspended in the trees, it is as close to paradise as I have found.

City lakes are numerous in Oklahoma and you can probably find one within an hour of your hometown.  You need to check in advance to your trip to find out if you need any additional permits to fish them.  Most city lakes do require special permits to use if you are going to put you boat on the water.  My experience has been that the fee is worth every penny that you spend on the permit, not to mention that the fine for not paying is pretty stiff.  Some of them have speed limits on them and you need to know these laws prior to launching your boat.  These lakes usually get some of pressure from both bank and boat fishermen.  They typically are not terribly big, therefore it is crucial that you practice catch and release.

So if you get a little time and you need a little therapy on the water, try out one of the local city lakes.  They are a great place to go fishing and relax a little.  They are also a great place to take your kids out and let them learn about our great sport of bass fishing.

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Chris Roberts