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Video Report
Bodacious Bass
Bob Crupi and Danny Kadota

This video is loaded with catches of Trophy Size Bass over 10 pounds. Not only do Bob Crupi and Danny Kadota tell you about their techniques, they show you the techniques on the video. Bob Crupi has the #2 Largemouth Bass of all time that weighed 22 lbs 1 oz and the #5 Largemouth Bass of all time. Danny Kadota has the 20# line record with a 19+ lb bass and has 2 bass on the Top 25 list of all time largest Largemouth Bass. This is a must see video if you are interested in the small details that are used by these 2 men to catch these World Record bass.

Bob and Danny Kadota show their techniques on how they consistently catch Trophy size bass in this video. This video shows their 2 anchor system that they use on each end of the boat. It also shows their bait and techniques they use rigging their baits.

Bodacious Bass and the Glen Lau Bigmouth Series are my most prized videos. I highly recommend Bodacious Bass to anyone that is interested in banging a Trophy size bass.


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