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Bob R. Myers Smallmouth Seminar

I had the pleasure to attend one of Bob R. Myers' Smallmouth Bass seminars this past year. This was definitely one of the most refreshing fishing seminars that I have had the opportunity to attend.

This seminar was interactive with the fishermen that were in attendance. Bob lead his seminar in a way that participation was easy and encouraged, with most of the fishermen participating in the discussion.

Bob went over what lures and techniques that he uses during the year for different seasons and weather conditions. Bob went so far in depth as to show what size hooks and weights and how that he rigged the baits. Bob also went into depth on how he finesse fishes for Smallmouth Bass.

I would encourage anyone that is interested in fishing to attend one of Bob's seminars and the best scenario would be to book a trip with Bob and let him show you in person how he manages to catch large smallmouth year round.

Photos will be posted as soon as I get the camera back from repairs.


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To contact Bob for a guided trip go to his Web Site below.