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The Post Spawn Blues

By: Blake Ellison

Spinner baits are an awesome way to earn an easy limit of bass in the spring, from the fat pre-spawn hogs to the aggressive bedding assassins. Either of these fish thrash spinner baits that are presented to close for comfort. However, after the spawning fish dissipate, a season that I refer to as the Post Spawn Blues begins.

The once seemingly effortless limit on the spinner bait has completely diminished by now, and an occasional keeper even seems hard to come by. This is the time to pack up the blades and pick up the cranking rod or flipping stick, and go to work. Right?? Not quite!! In fact this is the best season to cash in on some easy spinner bait bass given the right conditions.

The key is knowing when to toss the spinner bait and when not to. Forget about throwing one on those blue bird days as well as the sultry ninety-degree plus days when the only thing that blows is the fishing. When the clouds roll in the fish become aggressive there is no better way of catching bass than on a spinner bait.

The spinner bait offers everything you could ask for. It allows you to cover a lot of water quickly, works well around all kinds of cover, and most importantly it produces bass. This is the time of the year when most anglers make the mistake of packing away all their spinner baits allowing those few Jimmy Houstonís out there to reap the rewards.

Wind or clouds offer some great action, but when combined, the action can last all day. Some good locations to begin your search would be main lake flats and points with deep water nearby. A few other features that attract more bass to these locations are isolated cover such as stumps, brush, and baitfish. Itís important to remember that the retrieve speed and type has a great impact on your results. The best tactics to use now are faster retrieves and erratic movements created by giving the rod a quick jerk. These are the conditions that you donít want to be afraid to make a little noise by bringing that spinner up to the top attracting the aggressive cruisers looking for an injured baitfish. Try to mix up the retrieves until you find the method thatís triggering the most strikes. Soon youíll sfind yourself catching more fish.

Spinner baits are not just for springtime use, and by utilizing a few of these tips you should be able to put that extra bite or two to use the next time the conditions are right.

- Keep those blades spinning