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Big Bass Magic
Doug Hannon with W. Horace Carter

There are 2 books in my library that I refer to frequently for information. Big Bass Magic by Doug "Bass Professor" Hannon is one of them. This book is from the In-Fisherman Library Series and loaded with valuable information. Doug shares his vast knowledge of Trophy Size Bass that he has gained from studying them for over 35 years.

Some of the topics in Big Bass Magic are:

  • World Record Bass, Facts and Fiction
  • The Remarkable Way Bass Hear
  • The Bass Are Watching
  • Don't Lose Big Bass In Heavy Cover
  • Bassin's Best and Worst Times
  • Summer School Bass
  • Spawning - A Magic Time For Bass
  • Should We Fish For Spawning Bass?
  • There's Magic In The Moon
  • Rx For Caught Bass
  • Let Topwater Lures Find The Bass
  • The Shallow Water Wonder
  • Anatomy of a Big Bass
  • The Lifestyles of Big Bass
  • Bass Love Wood

If you are serious about Bass Fishing, Big Bass Magic is a must for your library.

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