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An OklahomaBassFishing.com Interview
Allen Head
BFL winner on Broken Bow Lake

Jerry Corbett


The 2004 Wal-Mart Bass Fishing League Okie Division season kicked off Saturday, February 28th on Broken Bow Lake near Broken Bow, Oklahoma, and Mr. Allen Head of Pryor, OK claimed the win thanks to a five-bass catch weighing 14 pounds, 7 ounces.

Allen was kind enough to provide our viewers with some insight into how he turned another trip to Broken Bow lake into another first place finish.

OBF- Well here we are again, another tournament on Broken Bow lake and Mr. Allen Headís name ends up at the top of the leader board. So tell our viewers about your day!

Allen- It actually went a lot like last week, I caught most of my fish on a jig and I fished basically the same area as we did in the Jimmy Houston Outdoor Tournament.

OBF- Tell us about the bait and technique that you concentrated on to bring in that nice limit of fish!

Allen- I caught three of my keepers using an Eakins Jig tipped with a power craw, and the other two fish came on an Eakins Jig tipped with an Eakins Craw. The Eakins Jigís were either black and blue or green pumpkin.

OBF- So what type of area or locations did you concentrate on when putting together your pattern?

Allen- Well I have a place that the fish are in transition now and they are beginning to move to the back ends of the creeks. Its really loaded with fish!

OBF- Did you fish that area all day or did you have a few other locations that you hit during the day?

Allen- I fished up until around noon at that location, and after I landed my 5th fish I began running around a little bit. I was trying to pick up a kicker fish, because that area has never really produced that type of fish, but I just couldnít do it.

OBF- How did you co-angler do? Did he land any fish for the day?

Allen- No, he didnít! The bite is so subtle right now, its hard to tell when you actually get a hit.

OBF- How can you manage to catch fish in those type situations? It must be a technique that youíve mastered over the years on the water?

Allen- Well I was using a 6í 6Ē Medium G Loomis Rod with 10 pound test fluorocarbon line.

OBF- What depth were you catching your fish?

Allen- They were in about twelve to eighteen foot of water.

OBF- How many bites did you have today? Did you cull any fish?

Allen- I only had about eight or nine bites all day and no, I didnít have a chance to cull any of my fish.

Mr. Allen Head has fished in over 30 events in the FLW Outdoors tournament circuit, including the FLW Tour, the Everstart Series, the Wal-Mart Bass Fishing League and the Texas Tournament Trail. Allen has won over $120,000 dollars in this exciting circuit and he is sure to continue his winning ways into the distant future.

We here at OklahomaBassFishing.com would like to personally thank Mr. Allen Head for taking the time to answer some tough questions regarding his second big win of the year on Broken Bow Lake here in Oklahoma. Thanks Again!





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