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Texoma Black Bass Research Tournament

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife Conservation, and, Texas Parks and Wildlife, will be holding a Black Bass Research Tournament supported by The Texas B.A.S.S. Federation, The Oklahoma B.A.S.S. Federation and the Oklahoma Anglers Unlimited (OAU) August 23rd on Lake Texoma, site to be announced soon.

This event will be a great opportunity to spend a day in your boat partnered with a fisheries personal in a tournament format, to catch and collect Bass for scientific study into delayed mortality, Stress and LMBV. NOW's your chance to step forward and help make a difference in Black Bass Management and spend some one on one time with a fisheries person.

Entry Fee is 60.00 100% payback

Each entrant will compete alone in the tournament but will have a fisheries personal in the boat with them. The fisheries personal may fish to collect fish for the study but may not weigh-in any fish caught by them. The site will be announced at a later date as the Government officials involved are currently looking into an appropriate site for the holding nets that will contain the fish for the study.

Black Bass Research Tournament

Lake Texoma Aug 23rd, 2003


1.) RULES DECISIONS: Interpretation of the rules shall be at the discretion of the Tournament Committee. Their rulings are final.

2.) ELIGIBILITY: Anyone 16 years of age with a valid Okla. fishing license.

3.) ENTRY FEE: The entry fee is $60.00 per Boat, this includes $10.00 for the Big Bass Pot. (NO REFUNDS)

4.) PRE-REGISTRATION: Send check or money order along with entry form to OAU, 2300 E. Coleman rd. Ponca city, Ok. 76604 Take-off positions will be assigned in the order of receipt of paid entry.

5.) PAYBACK: Place money will be paid, 100% of the big bass pot and 100% of entry fees including cash and prizes, to 10% of the field.

6.) PRE-FISHING: No restrictions.


7.) FISHING HOURS: 6:00AM or safe light to 3:00pm Sat. Aug 23rd

8.) STARTING LOCATION: TBA, boat inspections will be held before take off at 6:00am. Operable kill switches and aerated livewells are mandatory.

9.) TACKLE AND EQUIPMENT: Only artificial lures may be used, to include pork style baits. Only one rod may be used at a time. NO TROLLING PERMITTED

10.)FISHING LOCATIONS: No fishing with-in 50 yards of another team first tied or anchored in a location. Passing in the creeks is permitted. Fishing must be done from the boat and the boat must stay in the water during tournament hours. Contestants must remain in the boat and within sight of each other at all times, except in case of an emergency or when safety is involved.

11.)BRIEFING: Each angler must attend the team meeting at 5:30 am in the area by the Ramp.

12.)TYPE OF FISH AND LIMITS: Only Black, Spotted or Smallmouth Bass 14" or longer will be counted. Limit of Five (5) fish per team. If more than five (5) fish are presented by a team the catch will be culled starting with the largest fish, down to the stated limit. Acceptance of dead or mutilated fish is at the discretion of the Tournament officials. One pound will be deducted from the total stringer of the team for each fish brought in under 14" inches. Four ounces will be deducted for each dead fish.

13.)CARE AND DISPOSITION OF FISH: Each boat must have an AERATED LIVEWELL to keep the fish alive and in good condition. All bass weighed in become property of the Research Officials.

14.)WEIGH-IN TIMES AND LOCATION: Lake Texoma, Ramp to be announced 3:00 pm Sat Aug 23rd. Late boats will be penalized one pound, for each one minute late. anyone more than 15min. late will be disqualified. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS!!!.

15.)SCORING: Scoring will be determined by total weight. Ties broken by big fish and then a single flip of a coin.

16.)PROTESTS: Protests must be in writing and presented to the tournament committee WITH-IN 15 MIN, after the last fish has been weighed.

17.)SAFETY and SPORTSMANSHIP: Sportsmanship and Safe boating conduct is required from each contestant. Life Jackets must be worn any time the big motor is running. No alcoholic beverages, including beer shall be in the boat during tournament hours. Sponsors, hosts and event organizers are not liable for injury or damage to equipment or property.



I have read and understand the rules. I understand I am subject and agree to submit to a polygraph test. I waive and release all other contestants and tournament officials from injury or damages in connection with this tournament. I understand you have the right to refuse this entry and return my entry fee.


MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO : Oklahoma anglers Unlimited

MAIL ALL ENTRIES TO: . 2300 E. Coleman Rd Ponca City, Ok. 74604, before Aug. 15th Or you may enter at the ramp.


Oklahoma Anglers Unlimited, A non-Profit organization

Go to the OAU website at< to get contact information or contact any OAU board member listed there to sign up.