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Bass Fishing in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Bass Fishing Archived Articles


Greg Myers
Shimano Casting Controls
Largemouth Bass Virus
Bob R. Myers' Smallmouth Bass Seminar
Going to new lakes and shortcuts
Fishing trip with Chuck Justice
Bob R. Myers' Smallmouth Bass Seminar
ODWC LMBV seminar at Backlash Tackle in Tulsa
Lake Information Claremore Lake
Chuck Justice's new Web Site
#1 Trophy Sized Largemouth Bass Forage
Organizing Oklahoma Anglers' Meeting Notes
Seeing Is Believing
Noticing the small details in Trolling Motor use
Noticing the small details in Boat Noises
Noticing the small details in fish photography
BassMaster University
The small details in Trip Preparation
Float Tube Fishing
The small details in Lure Selection and Presentation for Trophy Size Bass
Bass Feeding Strategies
Bass are schooling at McGee Creek
Contour Map Reading
What extra things do you carry in your boat?
What's In Your Tackle Bag?
Some of the small details that make a difference

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Chuck Justice
Fishing McGee Creek
The Cold water bite is on at McGee Creek
Winter Fishing on McGee Creek
Tricks that I use on Jigs<
Green is the Theme in Spring<
Monofilament and Braided Lines<
Night Fishing<
5 Biggest Mistakes<

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Vic Allshouse

The fish are ready, are you?
Hulah Lake, An Osage County Gem
Versatility - the key to winning
Line size - does it matter
August nights on the lake
The topwater bite is just around the corner
Hudson Lake is the best bet for quality fish
Tough Fishing makes for better anglers
Cold-water bassin' can be surprising
How about a "cool" one

A "slow day" on the lake

In like a lion - March winds can be a benefit

April fools - don't be one

Post-spawn bassin' - And you thought the spawn was tough!

Outdoor Innovations hits a home run with new baits

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Michael Thompson

The Shad are Dying
Tips For Cold Water Bassin
Tips for Falling Water
Tournament Preparation
Bass Fishing Basics
Crankbait Techniques
Fabulous Fall Fishing
Finesse Fishing Basics
Winter Fishing Safety Tips
Mighty Minnows

Successful Strategies

Floating Soft Plastics

Grubbing for Bass

Shallow Grass Bass

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Chris Roberts

Ramp Etiquette
Tube Baits For The 21st Century
Patience Rewarded
Let's Talk Fishin'
Let's Talk Fishin' (8-01)
Let's Talk Fishin' (9-01)
Let's Talk Fishin' (10-01)
Let's Talk Fishin' (11-01)
Let's Talk Fishin'  (1-02)

Let's Talk Fishin' (2-02)

Let's Talk Fishin' (3-02)

Let's Talk Fishin' (4-02)

Let's Talk Fishin' (5-02)

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Bob R. Myers

Texoma Smallmouth
Summer Finesse Techniques
Top Water Bass
Crankbaits - Excellent for locating Bass
The Versatile Spinnerbait
October Bassin'
Bass Fishing and Cold Fronts

Lighten Up

March Trophy Bass

Choosing the Right Color

Lake Murray Smallmouth

Rattling Worms

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Victor Leake

Fishing the Keystone
Jerk Baits
Carolina Rigging
Crankbaits from A to Z
Economic Impact from Bass Tournaments
Floating Worms
Fishing Boatless!
Care and feeding of your Batteries!
Tulsa Firefighters Burn Camp
What's My Line?
Six Season's of Bass
The Magic of Fishing
Guide line to a Guide
Winter Time Bassin'
Winter Fishing
Which is better...
Spring Cleaning
What dreams are made of!
Sneaking up on Bass
Bass Tournament Nov 5th
on Keystone Lake to benefit the Tulsa Firefighters safety programs and Burn Camp

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Douglas Detherow

Brides, Babies, and Bass'n

Keepin it Together
Thanks Dad - A Father's Day Tribute
Experts across the State of Oklahoma are recommending a "time-out" during July and August to help conserve our Bass
The Fishing Club "Casting in the Curriculum"

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Chase'n a Check articles (Doug Detherow)

Chase'n a Check (May 16, 2003)
Chase'n a Check (May 19, 2003)
Chase'n a Check (June 19, 2003)

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Roger Lee Brown "The Bass Coach"

"Bass Fishing Fever"

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Jerry Corbett
Choices to be Made
Your Guide to Tournament Fishing by a 1st year Tournament Angler
"The life of a Co-angler"
The Jimmy Houston Outdoors Tourn Trail Oklahoma Championship Part One
The Jimmy Houston Outdoors Tourn Trail Oklahoma Championship Part Two
The Birth of a New Year
Lake Hudson Shoreline Management Project
The Tulsa Boat, Sport & Travel Show
An Oklahoma Bass Fishing preview - Broken Bow Lake
The Jimmy Houston Outdoor Trail - Broken Bow Lake

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Dustin Lester - Search Engine

Hints on locating bass in the ever changing condition of Oklahoma Waters

Catch Bass in High Water

Choosing the Right Topwater Lures

Winter Time Bass

Colossal Fossil Fish

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Blake Ellison - Blade'n with Blake

The Post Spawn Blues

Heavy Weight Spinner Baiting

How to Beat the Oklahoma Heat

Breaking it Down - Part One - "Current"

Late Fall Bass Fishing

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Doss Briggs

Best for the Bass - Part One

Livewell Management

Best for the Bass - Part Two

Best for the Bass - Part Three

Best for the Bass


Thank Goodness!

Good Things are Happening in Oklahoma

Heartland Tournament
on Grand Lake

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Tim Barlow

Crank Baits and Cold Water Fishing

Spinner Baits in... Oklahoma's Unpredictable March Month

When conditions get tough...tie on a Roadrunner

Fishing the Spawning Cycle

Swimming Plastic Baits

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Curt Strutz "The Bassmeister"

Testing Your Vertical Limit

"Kicking Bass in the Grass"

"Think Before You Act"

"How Low Will You Go?"

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Reginald Murray

Gary Leiter (Hunt Sleep Fish)

Looking Back

The "truth"

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"Fish Chris" Wolfgram<

"Our Greatest Catch and Release"<

Top 10 Ways to catch a Trophy Bass<

Respect Your Fellow Anglers<

Tournament Bass Fishing vs Trophy Bass Fishing<

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Richard McCarty

Fishing on Lake Fork (3-01)
Fishing on Lake Fork (4-01)
Fishing on Lake Fork (5-01)

Fishing on Lake Fork (2-02)

Fishing on Lake Fork (3-02)

Fishing on Lake Fork (4-02)

Fishing on Lake Fork (5-02)

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Gene Gilliland

Handling Tips for summer anglers

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Chris Diehl
First Tournament, First Problems but no first fish

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Chuck Bauer<

Be Prepared!<
Leave Small Fish Behind<

Airtight Trophy Certification<

Forty-Niner, And I’ Not Talking San Fran!<

Color your line for stealth and success<

S L O W D O W N<

Special Tribute To My Dad<

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Bill Gore

Cooper Lake fishing (Texas)

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Phil Williams
I Love Those Things

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Eric Drenner


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Aaron Witt

Palomar Knot

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Dan Brewer

Carolina Rigging

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Dean Knight

Winter Fishing???

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Linda Webb

Near Tradegy at Lake Eufaula

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Wayne Long

Wheel Bearing Maintenance ( video )

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Paul from PJ Lures

Rigging the Mad Man Crawfish Tube ( video )
Rigging the Gene Larew Hoo Daddy ( video )

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Lure Facts
Crankbait Line tie Positioning

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New Product Reports
Mad Man Lures Greg Myers
The Big Easy Spinnerbait Chris Roberts
Ken Schultz's Fishing Encyclopedia Greg Myers
Gene Larew floating soft plastic baits Greg Myers
Water Gremlin Bull-Shot weights Greg Myers
Sliding Weight, Hooks and Baits Greg Myers
Gene Larew Sinking Slugger Greg Myers
Red River Tackle Company introduces
the F5 Pro Titanium spinnerbait

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Product Test Reports
Topo-Log Product Test Report Michael Thompson
Angler's Fishing Diary Greg Myers
Glen Lau Bass Video Library Greg Myers
Dadz Crawdads Phil Williams
Shimano Calais Phil Williams
Bodacious Bass Greg Myers
In Pursuit of Giant Bass - Bill Murphy Greg Myers
GLoomis Crankbait rod Phil Williams
Big Bass Magic - Doug Hannon Greg Myers
Feeding Habits of Bass - Glen Lau Greg Myers
Sunrae Fishing Rod Sleeves Greg Myers

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Articles of Interest
Forrest L. Wood receives Federation Lifetime Achievement Award
Please Help Secure the future of our sport by helping these kids
The Mid America PVA Bass Tournament at Grand Lake
Jimmy Houston Marine in Broken Arrow is having Open House
Jimmy Houston Marine Open House a Big Success
The PVA Bass Tour needs boaters and non-boaters for Grand Lake
Brush Pile Day - Oologah
Keystone Invitational Benefit Bass Tournament
Keystone Winter Jackpots 2003
2003 Jack Houston Memorial FOCAS Tournament
Keystone Invitational Benefit Bass Tournament
Tuesday Night Thang with Jimmy Houston 2003
Peters and Burgers win 1st Keystone Winter Jackpot
2003 Tulsa Firefighters Benefit Tournament Results
Multi-Bass Tournament League
The Oklahoma Bass Federation needs help
Ray Scheide wins FLW Lake Okeechobee tournament<
Dreams and Trails Foundation Big Bass Tournament<
Grand Lake to host Wal-Mart Bass Fishing League, Okie Division Event
Charger Fisherman's Choice Team Tournament Lake Eufaula Results
Oklahoma B.A.S.S. Federation Press Release (Lure Eyes)

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General Site Articles
Site Search Engine
Chat Room
New Weather pages
New Column, "Ask the Prop Man"
New OBF Chat Room
OBF Personal Fishing Web Sites
Ask the Staff Message Board

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Photo of the Month
April 2003
May 2003
June 2003
July 2003
August 2003
September 2003
October 2003
November 2003
December 2003
January 2004

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National Tournament News
Sappington Recovering After Boat Accident

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ODWC news releases
Electrofishing important for bass management
Chuck Justice and Gene Gilliland on Outdoor Oklahoma show
Oklahoma Fishing Regulation Changes
Sardis Lake and McGee Creek top bass tournament lakes
ODWC offers youth wildlife camp
Big Fish Biting
Slot limits important bass management too
Oklahoma Aquarium taking shape
2003 Oklahoma Fishing Guides now available
Wes Watkins Lake producing big bass
Texoma yields second state record fish
Wildlife conservation funding bills approved by OK Senate
Free fishing days
Lifetime license buyers urged to bring proper documents
Farm pond fishing offers family fun
Zebra mussels found in Oologah Lake
Get a bite after midnight
Lifetime hunting and fishing license show dramatic increase
Historic agreement signed in Jenks
Small lakes shine in Spring surveys
Konawa Lake takes #1 spot in Spring surveys
Summer time tips for handling bass
Wildlife Department Cancels Bass Tournament Study
Teachers and students eligible to win great outdoor prizes
ODWC to hold equipment auction
ODWC schedules pre-employment exam
Virus confirmed in Wes Watkins Lake bass deaths
Fisheries biologists flexing their green thumbs
$2.2 million to be spent on fish and wildlife habitat at Grand Lake
Fishing lure sets record price
Covered fishing docks offer respite from bitter winter winds
Wildlife officials looking to the future
Christmas gifts for the outdoor enthusiast
Fishing ranks number one in Oklahoma according to "Sports Illustrated"
Fish kill near Lake Texoma linked to golden alga
"2004 Oklahoma Fishing Guides" and much more
available at
Hugo Lake tops list of bass tournamtent lakes
Spring Fever Has Quick Cure
Wildlife-related bills heard by state legislators
Angler's Guide now available
Don't Dally for Big Bass
Second Lake Texoma fish kill linked to golden alfa
Fisheries biologists continue to monitor LMBV in state waters
Springtime fishing heating up

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Interview with Carl Woods by Jerry Corbett
Interview with John Shore by Dustin Lester
Interview with Stan Honeycutt by Doug Detherow
Interview with Citgo Pro Tim Carroll
Interview with James Marion
Interview with Clifford Blalock, BFL Co-Angler Champion at Broken Bow
Interview with Jeannie and Johnny Douglas, Champions
 of Charger Fisherman's Choice at Eufaula
Interview with Allen Head, BFL winner on Broken Bow

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Tulsa Metro Bass League articles
Boone and Black win at Grand Lake
Ross and Hougland win at Lake Keystone
2nd Annual Larry Mann Memorial Night Bass Tournament
2nd Annual Larry Mann Memorial Night Bass Tournament Results
Broaddrick & Hendricks win Final Metro Tournament
The fishing Sallee brothers take the Tulsa Metro Championship

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Jimmy Houston Outdoor Tournament Trail articles
Eufaula ( June 22, 2003)
Jim Carnell and Dan Mahaffey win the 2003 JHO Classic
Interview with Jim Carnell and Dan Mahaffey, the winners of the JHO Classic

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OAU articles
Texoma Black Bass Research Tournament
OAU information
Oklahoma Anglers Unlimited, Open and Ready for Business
OAU Press Release

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Winter Articles 2003

Claremore Archer shoots the buck of a lifetime with his camera before he decides to shoot it with his bow!!

Ron Barnett

2003-2004 Oklahoma Waterfowl Seasons


Third Times a Charm Almost!

Ron Barnett

Deer hunters looking forward to 16 day deer gun season


Ghost Deer

Victor Leake

Deer Hunters have successful opening weekend


Passive-Aggressive Hunting

Victor Leake

Propeller Heads

Ron Barnett

Statewide deer harvest could top 100,000 again!


Tail Feathers

Ron Barnett

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