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"Bite-A-Bait" Baits
Victor Leake

Every so often a company comes along that makes a bait that will out fish other similar looking lures made by other companies. To look at the lures they don't look all that different to the human eye from what has been around; but to the bass they must be different. I have had the good fortune to get a few samples of the baits made by "Bite-A -Bait" and they really catch fish when similar lures go untouched.

I don't often name lures and would not now if I didn't feel they were worth talking about. The company has been around in Florida for a few years and has just started allowing a few stores here in Oklahoma to carry them. I will try to name the different baits so that you will get an idea of which lures you might want to try. Their top producer is called 'Rapid Shad' a lipless crankbait that comes in two sizes and has been catching bass over ten pounds down south. They also have two sizes of jerk baits- the 'Fighter' a floating and sinking model about 3 1/2 inches long. And the 'Slimline' a floatin
g-suspending model (4 1/2"). I fell in love with their top water lure called the Top Walker. This lure helped the 2003 Southern Federation angler catch 13 of his 15 keepers. It has 3 rattle chambers and is easier to walk than any other top water lure that I have tried. They also have a line of spinner baits that have two-tone blades, silver & gold on the same blade which gives a new and striking look to the well made spinner baits. The spinner bait and jerk bait helped me place 2nd in a local tournament on Ft. Gibson May 23rd as well as
getting big bass honors.

All the baits come in a rainbow of colors with hooks that you will not need to change out, as they all come with top quality hooks. You can find these lures in Mannford at N-D-N Bait & Tackle store or go on line with
"Bass-N-Stuff" (www.Bass-N-Stuff.com<).

It is getting close to time for our 2nd Annual Keystone Benefit BassTournament which will be held on Sunday, June 20th. The lake is getting in good shape and the bass have began to bite much better, so it looks to be a good tournament. We hope to raise enough money for the firefighter burn camp so that no child is left behind--come out and help us while enjoying the lake. Give Brenda a call at 855-9762 for more information or look for the flyers at local tackle shops.

Our 3rd Annual KeystoneLake Appreciation Day event set for July 17th is taking shape, with over 30 companies coming on board to help sponsor the event. We will have lots of prizes to give out to those who come out and help. No entry fee- everything is FREE that day; from the work you donate to the food we provide and the gifts to be given out after the lunch. We will be working out of Washington Irving South this year; placing several brush and fish attractors in the lake, having cleanup around the area, as well as doing fire and water safety shows. A few of the sponsors this year are: Jimmy Houston Outdoors, Honda of Tulsa, Lowrance, Bass-N-Stuff, Falcon Rods, Gene Larew, N-D-N Hunting & Tackle in Mannford, as well as many others. Bring the whole family out as this is a family event and Huffy "The Clown" and Tulsa Area Safe Kids Coalition will be there and we will have special gifts for all the kids.

And as always- Catch all you want; Keep just what you need, and Please release the rest for the future.





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