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By: Dustin Lester

After recently becoming part of the Eiland Lures Pro Staff, I just could not wait any longer to write this article. Eiland Lures manufactures and sells a wide variety of unique soft plastics along with Big bite tubes, Big bite jigs, Quick change spinnerbaits, and the one of a kind Colossal Fossil Fish. Having the characteristic of a fish of the past Geologic Age in a skeleton form makes it the most dramatic change in a soft plastic lure on the World Market today.

Bastrop, Louisiana for Immediate Release February 22 2004 “Designed to better the anglers’ odds in pursuit of the World Record largemouth Bass.

Most all large soft plastic lures are rigged with exposed hooks causing them to hang up when trying to reach the hang outs of big bass. Not the Colossal Fossil Fish as it can be rigged and fished weed less allowing it to go where giant bass hide out around sunken brush tops or crawl it over limbs and logs or work it in and around grass and lily pads without hanging up. Fossil Fish is big and bulky but once in water becomes a lethal fish attracting machine having three distinct sections which become life like with the slightest movement of your rod tip, the skeleton looking fish acts like a fish in search of food while the flipper fish flare out and swim in unison and the tail slithers back and forth. All of this takes place at once and creates tremendous sound waves which giant bass are attracted to and they move in for the kill. The three distinct fish attracting sections-fish skeleton-flipper fish-and swimming tail added to its weed less design plus Colossal in size along with a suspending model which can be worked and retrieved at any depth increases anglers odds of catching the Elusive Giant size World record bass.

In a class of all its own, the colossal fossil fish is by far no small fry ,but as the name implies colossal in size big bass like big lures. A trophy bass hunters dream comes true.

Having fished the Colossal Fossil Fish for the past three months and caught several bass 3lbs. up to 5lbs. I feel confident the Fossil Fish will live up to its name and purpose and will help anglers catch Trophy Bass. Fossil Fish comes in seven different unique color combinations and is 7” long and weighs approximately ˝ oz.

The Fossil fish is Custom made (one at a time) upon request only.

George Eiland Sr
Eiland Lure Company
Phone: 318-281-0596

Dustin Lester
Staff Writer Oklahomabassfishing.com
Pro Staff Eiland Lures
Phone: 918-342-8261





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