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Doss Briggs


It has been several years since anyone has talked about 20 pound stringers being caught on Oklahoma waters. But that has certainly changed during the month of March! With reports of several 20 + pound stringers being caught in team events and a single 20 pound limit caught during a BFL, times are changing for the better. Even on Eufuala this past weekend, during an Oklahoma BASS Federation event, there were several quality stringers caught over 15 pounds and a 7.05 beauty as well.

While the ODWC has taken a lot of criticism for not restocking some of the lakes, it does appear that mother nature has things under control and is not going to just let everything go to pot. While this is only one month, it would suggest that our lakes have turned the tide and are again going to be producing not only quality fish but much better numbers as well.

With all of that said, the spawning cycle is upon us. I saw numerous fish on the beds at Eufuala and can only imagine that other lakes are likewise seeing some early spawning activity. These fish are under a tremendous amount of stress and strain during the spawn cycle and it is extremely important that they be handled with care after they are caught. This is where BassMedics Rejuvenade™ will help to reduce some of the stress levels in the fish being held in your livewell. This innovative product consist of over 30 natural food grade additives combined in a fashion to replenish and aid in any fishes quick recovery.

While a lot of people think that the water temperature does not dictate the need for any additives, I would beg to differ. Anything being held in a contained environment has certain needs and requirements. While just adding fresh water is helpful, it does nothing to help replenish their system. How would you like to fish all day without eating, drinking or even stopping for a short break out on the water? At the end of the day you can tell that you have abused your body. This is just something to keep in mind the next time you have fish in the boat. Mother Nature has started to turn the corner; do you want to be the one that stops that process by improper fish care?

Until next month, take care of your catch!

Doss Briggs





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