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Doss Briggs


Ok, so that might be a little overboard, but it does mean one thing.  Spring fishing is just around the corner!  I don't know of a single angler that does not get excited this time of year in anticipation of the fishing season getting under way.


Everything in the boat is getting looked at from rearranging gear to cleaning the dust off the boat to checking to see what lures need to be restocked.  Ok, I might be the only one with dust on the boat from lack of use, but had really good intentions to go fishing.  If you are not like me and you have been fishing then you are ahead of the cabin fever curve. 


While most of my previous articles have dealt with fish care, this month I would like to talk about boat care.  In case you are not aware, BassMedics™ also carries some excellent boat care products.  Everybody likes a shiny and smooth hull and top cap. BassMedics™ Z-Wax is as fine and easy to use wax as I have ever used.  It produces a very high shine with very little effort and is as simple as to wipe on and wipe off!  Due to its very fluid state, you simply apply to a dry rag and wipe onto the boat.  By the time you have gone around once, you take a clean dry cloth and go back around again with a slight buffing action.  I have found that this will provide a nice finish for approximately six weeks if you just keep wiping the boat down when you take it out of the water.  It works extremely well on motors as well for reducing mineral buildup on the lower unit and also keeping the bugs from sticking on the cowling. 


For your seats and other vinyl products, their Accessory Protectant is top notch!  It is available in a spray bottle and can be applied to any fiberglass, plastic or vinyl surface (NO Lexan or Polycarbonates).  It will also bring out the color of your seats with out making them slippery like other products.  It really works great on tires and the rubber matting that is found on a lot of boats these days. One of the best things is that it does not collect dust!


With all of that said, I am sure that you are wondering where can you buy such fine products?  Backlash Tackle, on 909 S. Memorial, is carrying the complete line of BassMedics™ products at its store.  Hollis Spear, the new owner, will also have the entire BassMedics™ product line available at the upcoming boat and tackle shows.  If you don’t believe me about how good the boat products are, just ask him.  He was sold on its quality before I was!


I will be available from time to time at both the Tulsa show as well as the Claremore show.  I look forward to meeting with many of you that have experienced the benefits of Rejuvenade™ and listening to your stories about this fantastic conservation product.


Until next month, take care of your catch!  And your boat!


Doss Briggs






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